Jenny (Vampire)

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Name Jenny
Actor Christine Chatelain
Dates  ???? – 2020 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Canton, Ohio
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 1.20 Dead Man's Blood
15.20 Carry On


Jenny was a woman, who along with her boyfriend was kidnapped by Luther's nest and turned into a vampire. After escaping the Winchesters, she eventually joined up with a larger nest and fourteen years later, encountered the Winchesters again before being killed by Sam.


1.20 Dead Man's Blood

While out driving, Jenny and her boyfriend come across a body lying in the middle of the road, when they stop to see if he is still alive, the man on the road reveals himself to be a vampire and kidnaps the couple. At the vampires nest, the couple have been tied up while the vampires drink and party. When the nest leader, Luther arrives, he examines Jenny and her boyfriend, remarking Jenny looks "interesting" but her boyfriend does not, and tells the others to lock him up, only to change his mind and allow the nest to treat themselves. As the vamps begin to feed, Jenny sobs, and looks on terrified. Later, as Luther and Kate are about to have sex, they notice Jenny watching them, Luther cuts Kate's arm with his knife, she then sucks the blood from the wound and goes to Jenny and begins kissing her and forcing blood into her mouth as Luther watches he welcomes her to the family.

The next day, as the Winchesters make their raid on the nest to get back the Colt, Sam attempts to free Jenny from her restraints, however once she sees Sam she lets out an inhuman scream that alerts the rest of the vampires, necessitating the Winchesters hasty escape.

Jenny is last seen with Kate when Luther is killed by John Winchester with the Colt. When Kate starts toward John, it's Jenny who grabs her, pulling her to their car and they drive off.

15.20 Carry On

As two vampires hold Dean down, an unmasked Jenny appears, surprising Dean as he remembers her from their encounter fourteen years before. Dean comments on their history to the other vampires and asks if Jenny is in charge. Jenny states that she's not, she just has first dibs on him. As Jenny goes to bite Dean, Sam decapitates her from behind.