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Jason Manns, photo courtesy of Jason's MySpace page


Jason is a folk/rock musician, who released his debut album in 2006. Jensen has sung backing vocals for Jason on several occassions. Jason also sung background vocals on Steve Carlson's CD "Rollin' On" (together with Jensen) on the tracks "Hummingbird Billy", "Rocking Chair" and "Wasted Jamie".

He has also worked as an actor appearing in The Plight of Clownana, which was co-produced by Jensen Ackles. Jason also appears as the best man Bret in the film Cake: A Wedding Story.

Jason has done a number of UK tours with gigs in Portsmouth, London, Cambridge, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton. Jason's UK tours are booked through Slique Events

Jason has previously had a regular Sunday night gig at LScorpion! 6679 Hollywood Blvd, LA.


Jason in Supernatural

In 4.01 Lazarus Rising, Dean is pissed when he finds Sam has added an iPod to the Impala. When he turns it on Jason's song "Vision" plays. Dean looks to Sam with a disgusted "Really?" before ripping out the iPod and tossing it on the back seat.

Jason in fandom

Jensen and the Impalas

At the Salute to Supernatural L.A. 2011, Jensen and Jason gave a private jam session for around forty fans. Tickets, through silent auction, were around $1500.

Convention Appearances

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