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Name Jackson
Actor Mike Kovac
Dates  ???? - 2011 (killed by Becky Rosen)
Location Pike Creek, Delaware
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!


Jackson is a demon who works for a crossroads demon named Guy.


7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

Crowley: He mailed all the juicy d's to my suggestion box. I assume that's my whistleblower [referring to Jackson's dead meatsuit]. Shame. He had a future.

Jackson kills the people Guy strikes a deal with so that Guy can cash-in their souls before their 10 years are up. Guy cannot do this himself as the terms of the contract forbids him from interfering.

Jackson eventually arrives after Becky Rosen traps Guy in a devil's trap, and throws Sam and Dean around and knocks out hunter Garth. Jackson breaks the devil's trap and telekinetically strangles Sam, but Becky stabs him from behind with Ruby's knife killing him. It was later revealed that Jackson sold Guy out to Crowley.