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Name Jackifer
Actor Mark Pellegrino
Location Jack's mind
Occupation Subconscious manifestation
Episode(s) 14.18 Absence
14.19 Jack in the Box

You don't know because you, my friend, are naive, clueless, trusting. And you know what? They suckered you. "Why" you may ask? Okay. One, 'cause you're no longer useful to them. And two, you killed their mother. Okay? There's no coming back from that. So this is it, for the rest of time.

– Jackifer, 14.19 Jack in the Box


"Jackifer" is Jack Kline's subconscious manifestation, which takes the form of his father, Lucifer.


14.18 Absence

After teleporting around the world, Jack returns to the cabin where he accidentally killed Mary. He is surprised by the appearance of Nick / Lucifer, who reveals that he is neither, but in actuality Jack himself, specifically his subconscious, and was "whipped up" to help Jack with his problem. Jack, however, refuses his help. His subconscious continues to offer him advice, telling Jack there is no way out of the fact that he killed Mary Winchester and that the sooner he accepts what he did, the easier things will be.

Jack's mind manifests Lucifer once again as Rowena is preparing the ingredients for the spell to bring Mary back. He tells Jack he doesn't feel anything anymore and that the sooner he is able to admit that to himself, the sooner the "phantom pain" can go away. When Jack tells him to shut up, Lucifer continues to tell Jack that the spell won't work and he knows it.

After the spell fails to bring Mary back, Lucifer appears and tells Jack that Dean, Sam, and Castiel will never trust him again, and that now, he can never trust them.

14.19 Jack in the Box


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