Jack Kline

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Name Jack Kline
Actor Alexander Calvert
Dates May 18, 2017 (born)
Location Men of Letters Bunker
Occupation Nephilim
Episode(s) 12.23 All Along the Watchtower
13.01 Lost and Found
13.02 The Rising Son
13.03 Patience
13.04 The Big Empty


Jack Kline is the Nephilim son of Kelly Kline and Lucifer. He was conceived when Lucifer inhabited the body of President Jefferson Rooney, with whom Kelly was having a relationship. Angels believe that Nephilim are abominations that can destroy worlds; as Jack is the son of Lucifer, it is believed he will also be a force of great evil. However, after the Nephilim, while in utero, gives Castiel a glimpse of the future, Castiel believes Jack will bring peace and paradise to Earth.


The offspring of a human and an archangel, Jack Kline is believed to be more powerful than the average Nephilim, as the amount of cosmic energy that went into his conception was powerful enough to be felt by all the angels in Heaven and Earth and the cosmic shock wave was even detected by the British Men of Letters and Donatello Redfield. Castiel stated that he cannot imagine the power resonating within him. Unlike run-of-the-mill Nephilim who have silver eyes, Jack has gold irises with white sclerae and visible pupils. According to the lore, as Jack grows into his powers, he will become more powerful than his angelic sire, Lucifer.

Jack reveals to Sam that through his connection with his mother, he was able to learn the English language and that life would be dangerous for him. With this knowledge, Jack made the choice to expedite his growth upon birth into young adulthood. He also says that he chooses Castiel as his father, rather than Lucifer, because of his mother's promise that Castiel can keep him safe.

Powers and abilities

  • Pyrokinesis - When Kelly was pregnant with Jack, he was able to cause a bible to burn when she placed her hand on it, and he incinerated Dagon when he lent his powers to Castiel. After he is born, Jack is able to leave scorched footprints on the floor.
  • Revitalization - When Kelly tried to kill herself, Jack was able to revive her.
  • Power transference - While in utero, Jack was able to temporarily lend Castiel his power to kill Dagon.
  • Precognition - Jack appears to have the ability to see the future.
  • Mental projection - He can send images to others, including his visions.
  • Interdimensional instability - His golden grace can cause tears in the fabric of space and time, leading to alternate universes.
  • Celestial energy - Can send out a shock wave of celestial energy when provoked.
  • Can hear angel radio.
  • Impervious to angel blades.
  • Teleportation
  • Can open Hell Gates.


12.08 LOTUS

Castiel senses a massive surge of celestial energy and discovers that a Nephilim has come into being. Sam, Dean, and Castiel realize that the Nephilim is the spawn of Lucifer. After abducting Kelly, they explain that Kelly is carrying Lucifer's child. At first, she doesn't believe them, but after she places her hand on a Bible, it bursts into flames. When Castiel takes Kelly to a diner after they exorcise Lucifer from President Jefferson Rooney, Kelly tricks Castiel into believing that she is going to the bathroom and escapes. She later calls Castiel and tells him that she can't get rid of her baby, stating that she is its mother and it's her child before hanging up.

12.13 Family Feud

Crowley tells Lucifer that Sam and Dean have taken care of Kelly's baby, but Lucifer reveals that he is able to sense its heart and power, confirming that it's still alive. Elsewhere, Kelly is confronted by two angels, but she is saved by Dagon, who confirms that Kelly's baby is going to be a boy when it is born. She states that nothing is born evil and tells Kelly that she doesn't have to run anymore and that her child could bring salvation to the world. Kelly agrees to let Dagon protect her and her baby until it is born.

12.17 The British Invasion

Kelly, after experiencing some pain, demands that Dagon takes her to a doctor. He performs an ultrasound of the baby; he notices something unusual, but Dagon telepathically instructs the doctor to tell her that "everything looks a-okay." After Dean takes Kelly and tries to convince her that she can't have the baby, she tells them that she loves the child and refuses to get rid of it. When Dagon appears to take her away, she willingly goes with her. Later, Dagon chains Kelly to a bed and tells her that she cannot be trusted. Kelly tries to explain that she was worried about the baby, but Dagon bluntly tells Kelly that the baby will be just fine and that birthing a Nephilim is always fatal for the mother.

12.19 The Future

After spending a few days refusing to eat, drink, or bathe, Dagon forces Kelly to take her pills and tells her that her son will be born and bring an end to all no matter what happens to her, and that she should take a bath. Kelly, realizing what Dagon said may happen, attempts to kill herself, despite her love for her child. After she dies, the Nephilim revives her. Dagon eventually discovers what happened and tries to explain the baby saving her as an act to save himself and reminds Kelly that she will die when he is born. After this, Kelly is influenced by the powers of the Nephilim and believes that her son is not evil and will bring paradise to the world. After Joshua tracks a disturbance caused when the Nephilim revived Kelly, Castiel, Kelvin, and Hozai are able to track Dagon down. After Hozai is killed and Kelvin is captured, Castiel escapes with Kelly.

After exhausting the information they have on Nephilim, Sam is able to determine that it will be born on May 18. He realizes that since Nephilim are merely human souls infused with angelic grace, removing the grace could render the Nephilim human so that Kelly and her baby wouldn't have to die.

After communicating with Joshua, Castiel tries to bring Kelly to Heaven's Gate. Kelly tries to convince Castiel to let her baby be born, believing that it could lift the world to its feet rather than bring it to its knees. She explains how she tried to kill herself and how the baby was able to bring her back, but Castiel explains that her revival was not proof of goodness and he asks who will keep the baby on the righteous path when she is gone. Kelly asks him if he wants to feel the baby kick, but when Castiel puts his hand on her belly, he experiences a vision introduced by the Nephilim.

Sam and Dean are able to catch up to them and explain that they have a plan to render the baby human by removing its grace, but Kelly refuses to let them do it since she wants her baby to be born with all its powers. While waiting in the Impala for Sam and Dean, Kelly takes the keys and drives away from the motel, believing that Castiel will be able to take care of her baby when she is gone.

After arriving at the playground, Joshua is swiftly killed by Dagon. As she is about to kill Castiel, Kelly takes hold of his hand; through this connection the Nephilim transfers its power to Castiel temporarily and allows him to incinerate Dagon, killing her. Castiel, influenced by the Nephilim's power, decides to leave with Kelly to allow her child to be born. When Sam and Dean try to stop them, Cas knocks them out and they drive away in his truck. When Kelly asks what Castiel saw, he tells her the Nephilim showed him the future.

Jack Kline is born in an explosion of white light.

12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Dean talks to Sam about how the Nephilim was able to mess with Castiel's mind, despite not being born yet.

12.23 All Along the Watchtower

Castiel and Kelly prepare for the Nephilim to be born by renting a house in North Cove, Washington, purchasing a truckload of diapers, and preparing its room. Kelly even gives him a name: Jack. She makes a video for Jack to watch after she dies, telling him how much she loves him. When she feels a contraction, she unknowingly releases a bit of the Nephilim's energy, which makes a rift to an Alternate Universe.

While Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Crowley deal with Lucifer, Kelly finally gives birth to Jack in an explosion of light that renders Mary unconscious. When Sam notices the light coming from the home, he goes to check on Kelly, only to find her lying dead in her bed. Hearing a noise, Sam goes to investigate. He sees footprints scorched into the floor leading to Jack's nursery, where he finds an already adult-looking Jack huddled in the corner, smiling as his eyes glow gold.

Jack displays his power against Sam and Dean.

13.01 Lost and Found

Sam tries and talk to Jack, who asks if he is his father. Sam tells Jack he is not his father, and is still attempting to speak with Jack when Dean arrives and shoots at Jack, narrowly missing him. Jack becomes angry and in self defense begins screaming, causing a pulse of energy to emanate from his body that blows out all the windows in the house and freezes Sam and Dean in the air before jettisoning them back into the wall, knocking them unconscious. Jack leaves the house and wanders the woods until he comes across a Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats, and asks at the drive-thru for his father. Seeing that he is naked and confused, an employee, Clark Barker, calls his mother, Sheriff Christine Barker, to deal with the situation. Sheriff Barker arrives to find Jack still standing in the parking lot. Seeing the sheriff's gun, Jack initially takes a defensive stance until Sheriff Barker assures him she only wants to help him.

At the Sheriff's Department, a now fully clothed Jack begins absorbing his new surroundings while Sheriff Barker tries to get information out of him. Jack is only able to tell her that his mother is in Heaven and that he is looking for his father. Jack is then fingerprinted, and sits with Clark who asks what Jack is on. Jack tells him he isn't stoned, but that he is hungry. Clark takes Jack to the break room, where Jack tests out a new power that allows him to get free food from the vending machines; he becomes a big fan of nougat. Soon after showing this ability to Sheriff Barker, Jack begins picking up angel radio, which causes him great discomfort. When Sheriff Barker tries to stop him from leaving, Jack loses control and sends her flying into the vending machines. As he tries to leave the station, he comes face to face with Dean, but before Jack can do anything Sam hits him with a stun gun, rendering Jack unconscious.

Sam and Jack are placed in a holding cell, while Dean explains the situation to the sheriff. When Jack comes to, Sam apologizes to Jack and explains he didn't want to hurt him. Jack tells Sam he was scared of the voices he was hearing, which caused him to lose control. Jack tells Sam that he doesn't know if he can open another rift, and that he needs to find his father, who will protect him. When Sam tells him Lucifer doesn't do that, Jack corrects him and tells him that Castiel is his father, because his mother told him that Castiel would keep him safe. He also explains that through his mother, he knew the world was dangerous and chose to mature into adulthood immediately after his birth to protect himself.

A trio of angels lead by Miriam arrive at the station; two of the angels are able to locate Jack in the holding cell area. When they try to take him, a fight ensues, ending with Sam banishing them. The action of the sigil causes Jack momentary discomfort. Miriam enters the holding cell area, but is flanked by Sam and Dean. Feigning that she is giving up, she tells Sam that if the angels can't have him, no one will and drives her angel blade into Jack's heart. After Sam kills her in retaliation, Jack drops to his knees and pulls the blade from his chest. To Sam and Dean's shock, he is fine.

In the aftermath, Sam and Dean decide to take Jack with them back to the Men of Letters Bunker, but before going home, the trio go and give Castiel and Kelly a funeral pyre.

13.02 The Rising Son

After Sam is able to talk Dean into taking a break, the three stop at a motel. While Sam and Dean ward the room and get food, Dean suggests Jack do some reading, tossing him a copy of the Bible. While eating their meal, Jack begins to mimic Dean, much to Dean's annoyance. Jack goes on to question Sam and Dean about Lucifer, whom he read about in the Bible. Sam soon shifts the subject and begins questioning Jack about his powers, asking if he can teleport. When Dean asks him how Jack would get from the couch to the other side of the motel door, Jack simply stands up and walks out the door then knocks on it before re-entering with a smile. Soon the prophet Donatello Redfield arrives, telling Sam and Dean he followed an intense power signal to their location and thought God may be with the Winchesters. Donatello is introduced to Jack, and he tells the Winchesters the energy radiating off of Jack is nothing like the dark and toxic energy of Lucifer's. Sam and Dean conclude that if Donatello could find Jack then others will be able to, so they take Jack to have protective symbols tattooed. Jack has a violent reaction to the tattoo needle touching his skin, but after being told to suck it up by Dean, Jack is able to get the protective tattoos without further incident. Unfortunately they disappear as soon as they are completed due to his healing powers. While leaving the tattoo parlor, they are spotted by a demon who relays their location to Asmodeus.

Back in the motel room, Sam, Dean, and Donatello quarrel over Jack’s actions, with Dean's anger causing Jack to get upset and accidentally teleport himself outside to escape the conflict. Sam eventually finds Jack sitting in an alley and comforts him by explaining that Dean’s aggressive behavior is the way his fear manifests itself, and that Dean is just looking to protect Jack, as well as other people from Jack due to his powers. Sam tells Jack that just like Kelly and Castiel did, he has faith in him.

The next morning, Sam is alone in the room going over lore on nephilim when Donatello enters to talk about Jack. Donatello asks Sam if he has any idea how strong Jack will be and Sam confides in him that the lore suggests that a nephilim will become more powerful than the angel that sired them. When Dean comes back to their room, Sam tries to explain why he should give Jack a chance but they are interrupted by Donatello entering to discuss Jack, causing them to realize that the previous Donatello was a fake. Upon further investigation, they realize that Jack is missing and are ambushed by two demons. Meanwhile, the fake Donatello has taken Jack to a field in Jasper, Wyoming, and is using Jack’s powers to open a Hell Gate to release the shedim by telling him that they are a force for good that need to be saved.

Sam, Dean, and the real Donatello read John's journal on their way to find Jack and realize where he has been taken. They reach him in time to see the shedim beginning to emerge. Dean shoots the fake Donatello, causing him to morph back into Asmodeus who uses his demonic powers to choke Sam, Dean, and Donatello. Despite trying to persuade Jack to join him, the fact he is hurting Jack’s "friends" brings out his anger, forcing Asmodeus to flee.

Finally home, Sam and Dean sit in the Bunker's kitchen discussing Asmodeus and the fact Jack saved them. Dean leaves but on the way to his room hears a strange noise and discovers Jack repeatedly stabbing himself in the chest with a large knife. Dean’s mask of indifference slips slightly and he snatches the knife from Jack while chastising him for being an idiot. Jack asks Dean what he is and says that he is afraid that he will hurt someone. Dean explains that Sam believes Jack can be saved, whereas Dean does not and that when the time comes, it will be Dean who kills Jack.

13.03 Patience

At the Bunker, Sam gives Jack a thumb drive left for him by his mother and explains that perhaps what he will see will help him to answer some of his questions. Jack presses play on the video his mother made for him before her death and his birth. As Sam leaves Jack's room he receives a call from Missouri Moseley asking for help. Sam tells Dean about the call and that he has asked Jody Mills to investigate. Dean becomes angry and says he has no intention of putting Jody at risk to stay and look after Jack.

With Dean off to help Missouri, Sam tries to train Jack to control his powers. Telling Jack that he needs to learn to focus, he gives Jack the simple task of moving a pencil with his mind, but Jack isn’t able to move it. Seeing Jack's frustration, Sam decides that they should take a break. As Sam goes to get some food for them both, Jack continues to try desperately to move the pencil.

After many attempts, Jack becomes upset and slips away. Realizing Jack has disappeared, Sam in a panic goes to look for Jack and finds him sitting in a corner. Jack tells Sam that he believes he must be evil because Dean thinks he is evil, since he can't even do a simple good thing by moving the pencil. Sam tells Jack he knows what it feels like to not fit in and have a darkness inside. He crouches in front of Jack and pulls him to his feet, kindly saying that his family -- Dean and Cas -- helped him through his troubles and now he wants to help Jack. They decide to forgo the training for the time being.

When Dean returns from the hunt he was on with Jody, Sam confronts him about his behavior towards Jack. Sam tries to draw a comparison between him drinking demon blood and Jack, telling Dean that Jack deserves to be saved now just as much as he did then. Dean becomes angry and calls Jack a freak that he could hardly look at, which Jack overhears. Sam and Dean continue arguing about the losses that came from Jack's birth, with Dean directly blaming Jack for Castiel’s death. As Jack listens he repeats Castiel’s name and his eyes glow gold.

Castiel is lying face down in the ominous, black void of the Empty. Upon hearing Jack say his name, he awakens and slowly sits up, looking around himself in puzzlement.

13.04 The Big Empty