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Name Indra
Actor Luc Roderique
Location Heaven
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 13.19 Funeralia


Indra is one of the few remaining angels left in existence, who guarded the Gate to Heaven at the Playground. Indra took the news of the angel's impending extinction by attempting to get drunk.


13.19 Funeralia

As Castiel enters the Playground, angel blade in hand, he is confused to see no angels guarding the Gate to Heaven. He calls out, only to have Indra reveal himself hiding in the jungle gym, he slides down some bars holding a bottle of alcohol in his hand, asking Castiel if they are going to battle. Castiel tells him he doesn't want to fight, but rather just wants entry to Heaven. Indra tells him no one is stopping him and continues drinking, Indra still offers to battle Castiel. Prompting Castiel to question if he is drunk, which Indra tells him he isn't, yet but that drinking at a pace helps take the edge off. Indra then offers to let Castiel stab him with his blade, and tell everyone that they fought. When Castiel still refuses, he questions what is wrong with Indra, telling him guarding the Gate to Heaven is an important responsibility. To which Indra tells Castiel to see for himself and wishes him good luck before taking another swig.