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“Hunter’s lingo” is the name given to any "code words" or hunting references used between the boys. Below is a collective list of the phrases used in the series, and their meanings:

Hunter's Lingo

1.01 Pilot

In the pilot when Dean is spotted by the police officers outside the motel, he uses 'five-o' to alert Sam of the police. Five-O is reference to the seventies cop show, Hawaii Five-0.

Dean: Dude, five-o. Take off.

2.07 The Usual Suspects


When Dean passes on the information that the anagram "danashulps" they had been trying to solve refers to a street called Ashland, he addresses Sam as "Hilts" and signs off as "McQueen"; Hilts is the name of the character played by Steve McQueen in the movie The Great Escape. This would have indicated to Sam that he should escape and check out Ashland Street.

Dean: Go to the first motel listed in the yellow pages. Look for Jim Rockford - it's how we find each other when we're separated.

Sam and Dean's practice of picking the first motel in the yellow pages and signing in as "Jim Rockford." Jim Rockford is a fictional private investigator from the 1970s TV series, The Rockford Files.

2.10 Hunted

The code word, "funkytown," is used between the brothers when one is in trouble. "Funkytown" was a 1980 song by the disco band Lipps Inc. and was one of the last big disco hits.

Dean: Yeah, I talked to Ellen. Just got here myself. It's a real funky town. You ditched me, Sammy.
Sam: He gave me a codeword. Someone's got a gun on him.
Ava: Codeword?
Sam: Yeah. Funkytown... Well, he thought of it. It's kind of a...long story. I... come on.

8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler

Sam lets Dean know that he is being followed by the Golem by using the code phrase "something stuck to my shoe." No other references to this phrase can be found at this time.

Sam: That would explain why I have something stuck to my shoe.
Dean: You being followed?

9.10 Road Trip

"Poughkeepsie" is Sam and Dean's code for "drop everything and run."

Dean: When you find him, say 'Poughkeepsie.' It's our go word. It means "drop everything and run."
Crowley: Poughkeepsie.
Sam: How do you know that word?

9.21 King of the Damned

Crowley uses the "Poughkeepsie" code word to warn Sam and Dean that they will be walking into a trap.

Crowley: Oh, and Dean, you need to get a move on. It's a good day's drive from Poughkeepsie.
Dean: What are you talking about? We're not even near there.
Crowley: Yeah, like I said, you need to leave Poughkeepsie right away.
Crowley: You owe me. Do I get no credit for warning you this was a trap? 'Poughkeepsie' ring a bell? I sense drama.

14.10 Nihilism

Sam uses the Poughkeepsie code word to snap Dean out of the infinite loop in his mind.

Sam: Poughkeepsie.
Dean: What'd you say?
Sam: Poughkeepsie.

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