Hope Lynn Casey

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Name Hope Lynn Casey
Actor Anita Brown
Location Concrete, Washington
Episode(s) 4.08 Wishful Thinking


Born in Concrete, Washington to parents Candace and Nicholas Casey.


4.08 Wishful Thinking

Wedding announcement of Hope and Wes Mondale.

Hope grew up with Wes Mondale but never noticed him. He creates a wishing well and uses its power to make Hope "love him more than anything." She becomes obsessed with him, waiting on him hand and foot, even though Wes tries to get her to be her own person and do things she enjoyed before he wished for her. At Wes' house, she overhears Sam and Dean talk with Wes about removing the coin from the well, thereby ending her love for him. At the climax of the episode, she wishes for no one to come between her and her love, and Sam seems to die, struck by lighting. After the coin has been removed and the wishing well unmade, Hope doesn't recognize Wes or remember her time with him.