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In order to better organize the media on the Super-wiki, the following guidelines have been set for uploading images:

In Summary

Title an image the same way you would an article - Giving it a descriptive title. Use with correct grammar & spaces.

Include descriptive text in the "summary", including links to relevant articles. This is the text component of the image's page, not just a summary of changes/reasons for uploading.

Categorize the image in the category immediately above the article it appears on.

See below for more specific instructions and exceptions.

In More Detail

Titling Protocol

When you upload an image, you'll see that you're able to specify a name for your image that differs from the original filename. Usually once you select a file to upload, that field is helpfully auto-completed, but you can and should edit this.

For example:

  • Instead of S1promo.jpg, change your image title to Promotional poster for Season 1.jpg

Don't forget to include the file extension (.jpg, .gif, etc) on the title. If you try to upload and it comes up with an error in red text, this is probably why!

Follow grammar rules the same as you would with the title of an article - include spaces and capitalization where appropriate.

For example:

  • Dean Winchester.jpg instead of Deanwinchester.jpg or DeanWinchester.jpg

Including a "summary"

The "summary" on the upload page will be the same content you see/can edit when you click the "Edit" tab on the image page.

It is the free text area where you can enter a longer description of the image you're uploading. It is not the same as the "summary of changes" box you see when you're editing a page.

For example:

It is important to include links back to relevant pages.


All images that are uploaded also need to be categorized. In most cases, they need only be categorized in the category immediately above them.

For example, an image used to illustrate a page within Category:Popular Culture, should only be categorized within Category:Popular Culture; not within Category:Bibliography and Category:Library as well.

There are a few exceptions to that rule - for example, Character images may be categorized within both Category:Characters and Category:Hunters (or whichever subcategory applies), and Episode stills should be categorized in Category:Episodes and Category:Season 3 (or whichever season applies).

No images should be categorized with the core categories (Canon, Production, Fandom, Library).

Images can be categorized the same way you categorize pages. In the "summary" box on the upload page, or after clicking the "Edit" tab on the Image page, simply add in the appropriate categorization tags.

Specific guidelines for images used on Episode pages

There is another titling rule for promotional stills used on episode pages. Title them as you would title the episode page itself (except with a hyphen instead of a dot in the number part).

For example:

This ensures that in the "media" section in the episode categories, the images display in order.

When categorizing the main image for the episode page, categorise it within both the broader 'Episodes' category and the specific Season category.

For example, 3-02 The Kids Are Alright.jpg should be categorised:

[[Category:Episodes]] [[Category:Season 3]]