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Guide for use - please read before editing

The goal of Super-wiki is to provide an extensive information resource and compendium of fan knowledge, including not only the documentation of canonical information but the documentation of the Supernatural fandom.

Reflecting this ideal, the wiki format of Super-wiki means that anyone who signs up to this site has the ability to add to and create pages of information.

In order for Super-wiki to function reliably and independently (of moderator control) this particular free-for-all dynamic needs to be tempered with an attitude that recognises the validity of each fan's opinions, beliefs and interpretations.

If you have a different opinion on something on the Super Wiki, don't delete the opinion that exists, add yours to it. For example if some has made a note that "The future Dean travels to in 5.04 The End is an illusion created by Zachariah", you may wish to change it to "The future Dean travels to in 5.04 The End may be the future as it will occur or an illusion created by Zachariah". It is preferable to avoid extensive speculation, particularly when it comes to interpretation of characters' motivations, or events not shown on screen.

Please also take note of what's already listed on the pages before you decide to edit. In some cases, information is literally canonical, as it is taken directly from the text of Supernatural itself. Even if you consider the information there erroneous, do not edit where you are requested not to, as this is in the interest of accurately documenting the canon provided. If you have something to add, make it an addendum.

As an example, the entries in the Pad of Definitions have a "do not edit above this line" subtitle request. You may add anything relevant below the line; please respect the editors wish to preserve the 'canon' of the Pad of Definitions' transcript above it.

In some cases, such as The Journal (diary entries), pages will be protected by the moderator as they are lifted directly from canon and need not be edited at all.

On the same note, please search extensively before deciding to create a new page. You may find that the information is elsewhere already, either within another page or using a different name. Put in redirects to help out if you come across instances such as this.

Generally it is best to add information to an existing page, rather than create a new one. Most visitors to the Wiki visit 5-6 pages and prefer to find information relating, say, to a character all on the one page. Some information may warrant its own page if there is an existing category for it. For example, we create pages for all the characters' cars, so that people wanting to look at cars will find them all in the one spot.

If you have any issues or queries you'd like to bring up with the moderator of Super-wiki, please contact

Help with editing pages on Super-wiki

  • For help with basic editing - linking to pages inside the wiki, linking to external pages, redirects, etc, see this Editing Help page.
  • You can use the Sandbox to experiment with or test out code, if you'd like to practice a bit before editing.