Hell Gates

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The devil's gate in Southern Wyoming opened by Jake Talley

Dean: Did you read anything else off the tablet before you stashed it?

Kevin: I read stuff about how to close the Gates of Hell. Forever.
Dean: Come again?

Kevin: Banish all demons off the face off the Earth. Lock them away forever. That could be important, right?

Dean and Kevin Tran, 8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin

A Hell Gate, also known as a Devil's Gate, is a portal between Hell and Earth, which when opened allows demons passage to Earth. There is a tablet which contains instructions on how to close all Hell Gates.[1]

Hell Gates

  • Devil's Gate in Wyoming: There is a Hell Gate in Wyoming which Samuel Colt built a huge devil's trap around that is 100 miles across in southern Wyoming. There is a church at each point and the sides of the pentacle are made of iron railroad lines. Azazel plans to open the Gate and use beings from Hell as soldiers in a war against humanity. As the devil's trap prevents from getting to the Gate, he used Jake Talley - one of the Special Children to cross into it and unlock the Gate. He does this using the Colt as the key. When the door is open the blast of energy lights up the surrounding railways and blows up at least one of the churches, which significantly weakens the devil's trap and allows the Yellow-Eyed Demon to enter. Hundreds of beings, including demons and spirits, escape from Hell before Bobby and Ellen manage to close the gate. John Winchester is among those to escape through the gate.
  • Hell Gate in Wisconsin: When Crowley asks Kevin to translate the demon tablet, he tells Crowley he can open a Hell Gate in Wisconsin. While demons help him assemble ingredients for the spell, Crowley travels to Wisconsin. However Kevin has tricked Crowley and the spell kills the demons guarding him, allowing him to escape. Crowley is left surrounded by goats in a field, wondering what has happened.[4]