Hand of God

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Hand of God.jpg
Name Hand of God
Manufacturer God
Powers Power of God
Location/Owners Lebanon, Kansas (Men of Letters Bunker)
Episodes 11.14 The Vessel


The Hand of God is also a catch-all term used to describe any object on Earth that God has touched, imbuing it with traces of His power. There were several God-touched objects on Earth at one point according to Lucifer, but they were believed to not have survived the Great Flood, let alone make it to the 20th century. The power that emanates from the Hand of God is too potent and unstable, making it dangerous to touch bare handed, as a mortal would not be able to survive long making direct contact with the object.


Delphine absorbing the power from the Hand of God.

11.14 The Vessel

A piece of the original Ark of the Covenant is found by the Nazi's archaeological branch, known as the Ahnenerbe and described as the Hand of God. A Woman of Letters, Delphine Seydoux, is sent undercover to retrieve it from the SS Officer Befehlsleiter Gumprecht. Upon confirming its authenticity, Delphine stabs Gumprecht in the neck and steals away with the Hand of God onto the USS Bluefin for transport to the U.S. where it was to be brought to the Men of Letters Bunker. When Sam and Dean discover the existence of the Hand of God in 2016, they have "Castiel" (Lucifer) time travel with Dean to 1943 to retrieve it from the ill-fated USS Bluefin before the sub is lost forever. Due to Delphine placing specialized warding sigils on the sub, Lucifer was not able to get past the hull, allowing only Dean to make it on the sub.

Dean quickly comes clean to Delphine and Captain Deerborn about who he is and that the sub will be sunk. He asks Delphine to give him the Hand of God, telling her he is fighting his own Biblical war in the future. Delphine agrees and begins breaking the sigils painted on the ship, to allow Dean transport back to 2016. When Befehlsleiter Gumprecht tracks the sub down and cripples it with depth charges, Dean asks Delphine how he can use the Hand of God to save them. Delphine denies him, out of worry he will be killed and the Hand of God will just end up back in Nazi hands. Delphine takes the Hand of God into her hand and becomes imbued with its power, becoming bathed in a blinding white light the destroys any trace of the USS Bluefin as well as blasting a hole in the German destroyer above them.

Before the ships were destroyed, Lucifer was able to break through as the Hand of God destroyed the warding carved on Delphine and bring back Dean and the Hand of God to 2016. Back at the Bunker, Sam warns Dean that Castiel isn't Cas. Lucifer reveals himself and telekinetically slams Dean into a pillar. Lucifer then unwraps the Hand of God, taking it into his hands, which has no effect. All its power having been used by Delphine to destroy the German destroyer.

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