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Name Guthrie
Actor Russell Roberts
Dates  ???? – 2014 (killed by Rowena)
Occupation Demon
Crossroads Demon (formerly)
Episode(s) 10.03 Soul Survivor
10.10 The Hunter Games


Guthrie was one of Crowley's demon underlings. Prior to his promotion, Guthrie was a crossroads demon.


10.03 Soul Survivor

Guthrie tells Crowley the demons waiting to see him have been waiting a long time, which Crowley simply dismisses. When Crowley questions why Guthrie is still standing next to him, Guthrie informs him of Castiel's situation, telling him he is in a weak state and thus Crowley would have a good chance of finally eliminating him. However, Crowley only orders Guthrie to follow Castiel and keep him informed of his declining health.

10.10 The Hunter Games

Guthrie appears in a vision of Crowley's, where he and a group of other demons circle Crowley and proceed to repeatedly stab him with knives, with Guthrie delivering the killing blow with a demon killing knife as Crowley snaps back to reality, not realizing that Rowena had planted a hex bag under his throne to make him have this vision.

Guthrie walks in on Rowena snooping around Crowley's throne room, telling her Crowley doesn't want her walking around unattended and so assigned him to watch her. Rowena attempts to butter him up by saying she'll put in a good word with Crowley for him, but he remains unfazed by her. Soon Crowley enters the throne room and questions Guthrie whether or not he should sign a document; Gunthrie advises him to do so before leaving Crowley and his mother to themselves.

Later, as Guthrie is filing away documents, Rowena comes to him, telling him that Crowley has entrusted him with the task. Guthrie is wary of her as Crowley always deals with him face to face, when Rowena reminds him that she was the one who exposed Gerald as a traitor, for which Crowley executed Gerald. Gunthrie reluctantly gives in, asking what it is that Crowley asks of him. Rowena tasks Guthrie with retrieving the First Blade from Crowley's crypt. Although he does so, he refuses to give her the Blade, as he feels it is his responsibility to hand it to Crowley himself. Rowena then kills him by stabbing him with an angel blade, but before she can get the First Blade, Crowley arrives and demands to know what happened. Rowena claims that Guthrie was inciting unrest with demons because of Crowley's association with the Winchesters, had taken the First Blade himself, and had attacked her. Crowley then tells her that he had a vision in which Guthrie attacked him, visions which were planted by Rowena's hex bag.