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Crowley and Growley by lambofomg on deviantART.
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Sam)
Occupation Crowley's hellhound
Episode(s) 5.20 The Devil You Know (unseen)
6.04 Weekend at Bobby's (unseen)
8.14 Trial and Error
8.17 Goodbye Stranger (mentioned)

Dean: You're back?

Crowley: I'm invested. [Hellhound growls] Stay!
Dean: You can control them?!

Crowley: Not that one. [pats his Hellhound which appears to be about 5 feet high] I brought my own. Mine's bigger. Sic 'em boy!

Crowley and Dean, 5.20 The Devil You Know


Growley is a fan nickname for a specific hellhound that belongs to the demon Crowley and serves as his "pet," bodyguard, and assassin. It seems to be bigger than an average hellhound. He is not shown to the audience until 8.14 Trial and Error, the episode he is killed in.


5.20 The Devil You Know

Growley makes his first (known) appearance when, after demons send a hellhound after Brady and Crowley, Crowley brings him in to fend off the other hellhound while Sam, Dean, Crowley, and Brady make their escape. Although the hounds' fight cannot be seen, their surroundings are quickly damaged in the scuffle and the sounds of one dog attacking and hurting another dog can be heard. Crowley is utterly confident that Growley will win the fight.

6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

Growley returns to aid his master when Crowley is captured within a devil's trap by Bobby, who is trying to break the deal Crowley made for his soul. When Bobby realizes that Growley is present and about to attack him, Crowley offers his own deal: "Ten years of living, or ten years as Alpo." Bobby reluctantly releases Crowley to avoid being killed by his hellhound.

8.14 Trial and Error

Growley is sent to kill Carl Granville, Margot Cassity, and Ellie to collect their souls as part of the deals they made ten years ago with Crowley. He kills Carl and Margot and sends their souls to Hell, but is held off from attacking Ellie by Dean, who is equipped with glasses burned by holy fire to see the hellhound as well as the means to kill it with Ruby's knife. Growley overpowers Dean and almost kills him, but is temporarily fended off by Sam. He then attacks Sam, only to be killed by him when his belly is sliced open with Ruby's knife and his blood drenches Sam. This—killing a hellhound and bathing in its blood—is the first trial Sam and Dean complete in their attempts to seal Hell forever.

8.17 Goodbye Stranger

Growley is mentioned by Crowley, who wants revenge on Sam for having killed "[Crowley's] poor dog."


  • Although its origin is unclear, the hound has been called Growley in fanfic, and the name was also mentioned by a fan to Mark Sheppard at Asylum 6 2011 (Source).
  • "Growley" is also sometimes used as the mash-up pairing name for fanworks featuring a Slash relationship between Crowley and Gabriel.