Grace Extractor

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Grace Extractor.png
Name Grace Extractor
Manufacturer James Haggerty
Powers Extracts grace from angels, Nephilim, and former vessels
Location/Owners Men of Letters Bunker
Episodes 9.11 First Born

According to this, we may be able to use the grace that remains inside you to track Gadreel.... If we can extract it.

Castiel, 9.11 First Born


The Grace Extractor is a metal syringe which was kept in the Men of Letters Bunker. It was created by James Haggerty while he was in the Bunker observing the inner workings of angels. He created a tracking spell for angels along with the syringe, but he never was able to test the theory before he retired.


9.11 First Born

While Sam and Castiel have been looking for a way to locate Gadreel, Castiel came across a file by James Haggerty titled "The Inner Workings of Angels." He discovered a detail about when angels leave their vessels, they leave behind a piece of themselves, including a sample of their grace. Castiel was able to locate the instructions on how to use an angelic tracking spell to find Gadreel, including information on a syringe that can extract the grace from the former vessel.

Sam and Castiel have been able to locate the syringe and went to the lab in the Bunker to perform the extraction. Unfortunately, Sam's body was beginning to revert to the state that it was in before Gadreel possessed him. Despite his worries about Sam, Castiel continued to remove the grace. Sam's condition started to get worse and Castiel tried to remove the syringe, but Sam kept pulling it back in place stating that his life is no more valuable than Castiel's life, or Dean's or Kevin Tran's. Castiel soon removed the syringe and healed Sam's wounds completely, despite not extracting enough grace, stating that they have to work with what they currently have and that nothing was worth losing Sam. The contents of the syringe were dumped into the bowl while attempting to perform the spell, but there was not enough grace leaving it ineffective.

Files on the Grace Extractor.
Castiel extracts the remnants of Gadreel's grace from Sam.

12.19 The Future

After searching for a way to track down Dagon, Sam theorized that Nephilim are merely human souls infused with angelic grace. He believed that if the Grace Extractor is used on Kelly Kline's baby, then it would render it human and it wouldn't mean killing either of them. When they later explained their plan to Castiel and Kelly, he objected after the grace extraction nearly killed Sam. After being influenced by the unborn Nephilim's powers, Kelly refused to let them do it because she wanted her baby to be born with all its powers.