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Powers and Abilities Superhuman strength, endurance and longevity.
Vulnerabilities Rabbinical spells
Appearance Large humanoid made of clay.
Episode(s) 8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler

Shaped from clay and brought to life by rabbis to protect the Jewish people in times of – I don't know – general crappiness.

– Aaron Bass, 8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler


The Golem was created in Vitsyebsk, Belarus following the Nazi occupation in World War II, by the rabbis of the Judah Initiative. The Golem was sent to destroy the camp where the Thule Society were carrying out terrible magical experiments on the Jewish people of Vitsyebsk under the direction of Commandant Eckhart. The Golem is taken by Rabbi Bass to America where he eventually bequeaths him to his grandson Aaron Bass.


The Golem of Vitsyebsk's scroll.

The Golem was created from clay and animated by a group of rabbis. The rabbi controlling the Golem writes his name on a small scroll which is placed in the Golem's mouth. The Golem demands "yifalchunbee" from his owners (placing their name on his scroll), but even without a name, the Golem will be loyal to his owner.

Powers and abilities

  • Invulnerability – A golem is unaffected typical weaponry and magic.
  • Longevity – Being made from clay, a golem will not age or die from natural means.
  • Super strength – A golem is capable of easily overpowering a regular human, and is strong enough to rip or crush a human head from its body.


  • Scroll removal – A golem can be rendered inanimate by removing the scroll from its mouth.


8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler

Torvald, a member of the Thule Society, follows Rabbi Bass, eventually causes him to combust after he locates the Red Ledger. A large box arrives at Aaron's home, and inside is the Golem of Vitsyebsk.

Aaron takes the Golem to try to find what happened to happened to his grandfather and find the ledger. Aaron is frustrated that he cannot properly control the Golem. He eventually teams up with Sam and Dean, admitting that his grandfather did give him a book about how to use a golem at his bar mitzvah but that he used the pages to roll joints with.

When Sam, Dean and Aaron track down the red ledger, Torvald tries to take it and shoots magic poison dart into Sam and Aaron until the Golem kills him and the spell is broken.

Eckhart and his men track down Aaron and the Winchesters and break in to steal the ledger. Eckhart can make the Golem inanimate, as Aaron had not written his name on a scroll in the Golem's mouth, which was required for him to properly take possession and control the Golem. When Aaron causes a distraction, Sam and Dean are able to shoot two of the Thule members as well as Eckhart, but one escapes.

Sam and Dean offer to store the Golem at the Bunker but Aaron writes his name on the scroll under his grandfather's name and takes responsibility for the Golem, vowing to continue the work of the Judah Initiative.

12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For

After the Winchesters suspect they are dealing with the Thule Society again, they contact Aaron Bass who tells them that he and the Golem have been using the Thule ledger to hunt down the society's remaining members. According to Aaron, between them he and the Golem have killed half of the Thule with Aaron killing six and the Golem getting the rest.

Golem in Lore

In Jewish lore, the Golem is a being created by magic usually out of an inanimate material like clay or mud, to do the bidding of its master. The most famous story involving the Golem is known as "the Golem of Prague," in which the Rabbi of the city creates a Golem to protect the Jewish people from persecution. There are many lores about how a Golem is created and controlled. Its main disability was inability to speak.

The Golem is at the basis of much of today's popular culture. One set of tales influenced by it focuses on its nature as an animated artificial being – its influence can be seen in stories such as the Frankenstein story, tales of robots and androids from. Other tales focus on the the Golem's role as an invincible protector. These stories of heroes were written by Jewish immigrants to American including Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby – and started the comic book industry.

The Golem as a character has itself also appeared in many movies and TV shows including an episode of The X-Files directed by Kim Manners called "Kaddish."


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