God's Bar

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Metatron appears in BG's Canteen.

God's Bar is a construct created by Chuck Shurley to be the safest place in all of creation. Modeled after B.G.'s Canteen, Chuck has apparently been holed up in it since Amara was released into the world, working on his autobiography.


11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley

Chuck Shurley/God and Metatron.

Chuck summoned Metatron to him to BG's Canteen help finish his autobiography. At first Metatron called the bar crappy, but after Chuck revealed himself to be God, Metatron grovels and tells him that the bar looks like the bar from "Cheers." Chuck explains the history of the bar about a lot of musicians got their start on the very stage in the bar, but it is not as well known as The Bitter End or The Gaslight Cafe from New York City. While Metatron tries to help inspire Chuck to be more truthful in his book, Chuck lets slip that the bar is the safest place ever created and Metatron later deduces that the bar was created to keep him safe from Amara. Metatron calls him off for being a coward after discovering that he is going to let Amara destroy everything and Chuck responds by flinging him out the doors, injuring his arm. Chuck tells him that he is finished watching humanity's failures and makes a series of TVs appear on the wall over the stage which all report the rabid fog killing people. Metatron later tells Chuck that humanity is more than the disasterous creatures he built them up to be and Chuck, devastated at losing faith in humanity, decides to help Sam and Dean stop The Darkness. While he plays a song, Metatron looks over his newly revised version of Chuck's autobiography and is shocked at its contents.