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Name Gilda
Actor Tiffany Dupont
Location Hollow Forest of Arkhmoor
Occupation Fairy
Episode(s) 8.11 LARP and the Real Girl


Gilda is a fairy from the Hollow Forest of Arkhmoor. She is brought to Earth and put under a spell by Gerry, who forces her to injure and later kill those who stand in his way of becoming king of Moondoor – a LARPing game. She uses magic to injure and kill the victims in the style of medieval punishments – hobbling, drawing and quartering and the plague. Gilda can only be released if a hero destroys the spellbook, breaking the spell.


8.11 LARP and the Real Girl

Under Gerry's orders, she captures Charlie so he can "rescue" her and become a hero. While Gilda holds Charlie prisoner, Charlie becomes attracted to Gilda and kisses her. Sam, Dean and Gerry arrive and Gerry forces Gilda to use a suit of armor to pin down Sam while he tries to kill Dean with a sword he has Gilda transform to real. In the fight that follows, Dean knocks Gerry's spellbook from him and Charlie stabs it with a knife, destroying it and breaking the spell. Dean knocks out Gerry.

Gilda leaves to take Gerry to the fairy realm with her to face a tribunal for his actions. Gilda and Charlie share a final kiss before Gilda leaves and Charlie hopefully tells Gilda to call her.