Ghost Children

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Name Ghost Children
Actor Darien Provost (Leticia Gore's son)
Connor Stanhope (Little Boy #1)
Connor Beardmore (Little Boy #2)
Luke Gair (Little Boy #3)
Dates  ???? - 1909
1909 - 2009 (dispatched when Demian salts and burns their bones)
Location Vermilion, Ohio
Occupation Ghosts
Episode(s) 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters


The ghost children were four children that lived in the Gore Orphanage in 1909. One was the son of Leticia Gore while the other three were orphans. In 1909, the three orphans, presumably playing cowboys and Indians with Leticia's son, scalped and killed the young boy. When Leticia discovered what they had done, she killed them and then herself. All five remained in the orphanage, which later became a hotel, as ghosts. The evil children wanted to "have fun," but Leticia prevented them. No one knew the truth of what the children did and Leticia was blamed for the murder of her son. 100 years after they died, the first ever Supernatural convention was held. Wanting to be free, one of the children led Demian and Barnes to a map of the orphanage that showed the cemetery where everyone was buried. Dean Winchester burned Leticia's bones, setting the four children free of her control, and the three evil orphans went on a rampage. They magically locked down the orphanage and killed the man pretending to be the Hook Man. The ghost of Leticia's son revealed the truth about his death to Sam and Dean, who had an actress pretend to be Leticia and order the ghosts to open the doors. This worked long enough for Demian and Barnes to get out, but the ghosts quickly realized the truth when the actress' cell phone rang. Two battled Sam and Dean, while the other tried to attack the convention guests, but was driven off by Chuck Shurley who salted the door to protect the guests. As the ghosts were about to kill Sam and Dean, Demian and Barnes dug up the children's graves, piled all the bones together and salted and burned them, putting the children to rest.


  • Two of the boys graves can be seen on-screen; their tombstones read Nicholas Keegan: 1900 - 1909 and Franklin Elmers: 1899 - 1909.