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Name Gerry aka Boltar the Furious
Actor Hank Harris
Location Avalon
Occupation LARPer
Episode(s) 8.11 LARP and the Real Girl


At first, Gerry appeared as a dedicated LARPer but it later revealed to be an insane man willing to even kill other LARPers to achieve what he wants in the game; Moondoor. He dislikes being called a "LARPer" but rather prefers the term "interactive literaturist." Gerry also reveals that he took up LARPing because he was a loser in real life.


8.11 LARP and the Real Girl

He is seen "condemning" a fellow LARPer to the shackles. After the ceremony, he is approached by Sam and Dean who are posing as FBI agents. When they show their badges to Gerry for identification, he points out that their badges are fake and that they aren't doing the "genre-mashing" LARPing today. He then points them to the whereabouts of his "Queen." Later on, he walks up to Dean and Charlie (Queen) and asks if everything was alright. Charlie tells him that she seeks a audience with the 'Shadow King'. Gerry exclaims that 'it is not safe' to which Dean agrees and points out that he should go and see the "Shadow King." Gerry then leads the way while Dean follows him. They head back to camp where Gerry gets the prisoner he condemned earlier. Gerry, along with the prisoner, Sam and Dean go out into the forest to meet the Shadow King. Dean, get annoyed of the conversation between Gerry and Shadow King pulls out his gun and exclaims that he wants to know how his crest and Charlie being missing is connected. The Shadow King says that he doesn't know and that his crest came from a weird tattoo of a black tree he seemingly got weeks before. Gerry tags along with Sam and Dean on their search for Charlie/Queen. They stumble upon a tent and go inside to discover Charlie and Gilda are kissing. Gilda points out that Gerry is her master. Gerry, then explains to all of them of how he is a loser in real life and that he summoned a fairy to help him make himself King and remove other people from the competition that he discovered were cheating while justifying what he does stating how magic is a part of the game. He then commands Gilda to restrain Sam with a suit of armor and make his sword real. He attacks Dean with the real sword but Dean dodges and knocks off the spell book to the floor. He shouts in shock when Charlie destroys the spell book thus freeing Gilda from his command. Dean then knocks him out and he is then sent to Avalon to face a fairy tribunal.