Gavin MacLeod

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Name Gavin MacLeod
Actor Adam Groves (6.04)
Theo Devaney (9.21 & 12.13)
Dates  ???? - 1723
Occupation Sailor
Episode(s) 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's
9.21 King of the Damned
12.13 Family Feud

The ship went down? Well, that's a good fit with the rest of my life.

– Gavin MacLeod, 9.21 King of the Damned


Gavin MacLeod was the Scottish son of Crowley, when he was a human named Fergus Roderick McLeod. He and his father hated each other, in life and in death, which stemmed from Fergus being an abusive alcoholic to Gavin. Gavin originally left Scotland for America in 1723, and died when his trading ship went down in Massachusetts. However, Abaddon traveled back in time to 1723 and brought him to 2014 to use as leverage against Crowley. Due to Gavin not being on the ship in 1723, his girlfriend -- Fiona Duncan -- would stow away on his ship and be subjected to abuse and die on the journey, becoming a murderous ghost in 2017.


6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

While helping Rufus Turner bury the body of an okami in his lot, Bobby tells Rufus about Crowley's real name and his affinity for a specific type of scotch, and that he plans to look for more information in Scotland. Rufus reveals that he knows about the scotch, and what part of Scotland it's from, and tells Bobby he has contacts in Scotland and offers to make some calls.

Rufus later reveals what his Scottish contacts found out about Crowley. His real name was Fergus Roderick MacLeod, and he was born in Canisbay, Scotland in 1661. He also reveals that Crowley had a son named Gavin, who left for America after his parents died. He captained a trading ship that went down in Massachusetts in 1723. Rufus also reveals that the wreck was found thirty years ago, and divers recovered Gavin's signet ring, which is now part of the "Treasures of the Deep" exhibit at the Maritime Museum in Andover, Massachusetts. Bobby tells Rufus he needs the ring, and Rufus tells him he's already on his way to Andover. Rufus figures out what he thinks is Bobby's plan: use the ring to summon Gavin's ghost and make an exchange with Crowley: Gavin's ghost for Bobby's soul.

Rufus gets the ring but is being chased by authorities. He swallows the ring so that police can't seize it from him as evidence. Sheriff Jody Mills is able to extradite him from Andover, Massachusetts to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for murder as a favor to Bobby. When he arrives, Rufus gives Bobby Gavin's ring. Bobby summons Gavin's ghost, who asks him if this is Hell. Bobby and Gavin talk for an undetermined length of time, before Bobby summons Crowley.

Crowley repeats his position that he will not be giving Bobby his soul back. At this point Gavin appears, at which Crowley pretends to get emotional at the sight of him, before revealing to Bobby that he and Gavin hated each other, and that Bobby picked the wrong bargaining chip and to go ahead and torture Gavin. Bobby reveals to Crowley that Gavin gladly told him everything about his father. In life, Crowley/Fergus MacLeod was "nothing but a two-bit tailor who sold his soul in exchange for an extra three inches below the belt." Bobby also reveals he knows where Crowley's bones are located.

Using Gavin's information, Sam and Dean travel to Scotland and dig up Crowley's bones, which allows Bobby to bargain with Crowley for the return of his soul.

9.21 King of the Damned

In 1723 Gavin is preparing to depart from Leith, Scotland to America to start a new life when Abaddon comes through his door, having used the blood spell to travel back in time. She proceeds to kill Gavin's friend before reciting the spell to send her and Gavin to 2014. Once in 2014 Abaddon uses Gavin as leverage against Crowley, torturing Gavin until Crowley pleads with her to stop.

Gavin marvels at the wonders of the 21st Century.

When Gavin is healed of his wounds, Crowley reveals to him that he is his father Fergus and that they are in 2014, though Gavin has trouble wrapping his head around time traveling. During their time together Gavin learns about how his father became a demon by selling his soul for three extra inches below the belt. As Gavin begins to list off all the reasons he hates his father, one of which is his illiteracy, Crowley tries to buy his favor by at first giving him the ability to read and that if he accepts him as his father their would be plenty of more perks. Being the Prince of Hell allows Gavin to see all the possibilities and future he can make for himself once he gets back to 1723. However Crowely attempts to dissuade from going back, only telling him that "It's not a good idea" this causes Gavin to storm off and lock himself in the bedroom.

After Dean kills Abbadon, Sam and Dean tell Crowley that Gavin needs to be sent back to his own time because of the ripple effect his being in 2014 can/could have caused. Crowley angrily agrees to the Winchesters demands, and only asks that he be able to say goodbye to his son. When Crowley enters the bedroom where Gavin is waiting, he magically slams the doors shut on Sam and Dean, who open the door to find the room empty. Crowley and Gavin are next seen in a field in undisclosed location, where Crowley reveals to Gavin that the ship he was about to board sunk on its journey. After Crowley gives Gavin some fatherly advice about living in the 21st century, they say their goodbyes and go their own separate ways.

12.13 Family Feud

After realizing the ghost that is killing teachers originated on The Star, the ship Gavin was to die on in 1723, Sam and Dean contact Rowena to help them find Gavin's location after Crowley shuts them down. Meeting Gavin at a bus stop, he asks them about Crowley, whom he believes to be sick, only to find Sam and Dean have lied to him. Fearful of what they might do to him, he screams for help before Sam and Dean ask him to hear them out, and show him a picture of The Star before introducing him to his grandmother, Rowena.

Fiona and Gavin reunite as he is sent back to 1723.

At the museum, Sam, Dean, and Rowena show him the exhibit on The Star, which astonishes Gavin. As he goes through a binder listing all materials salvaged from the wreck, he comes upon a locket that he recognizes as belonging to the love of his life, Fiona Duncan. Sam and Dean begin looking for it among the displays, but realize that it is missing. Learning from the curator that there had been a field trip through the museum's lab earlier in the day, the four head off to the Pembroke Day School for Girls where they arrive soon after Fiona has killed a teacher, but before she kills a second teacher.

Gavin sits alone in the study and summons Fiona's ghost to him. Gavin tries tell her what happened to him, while Fiona tells him how she snuck aboard The Star looking for him, only to be found out by the crew and abused and raped before disappearing. Afterwards Gavin explains to Sam, Dean, and Rowena the trauma Fiona went through, and that she won't stop her vengeance. While Sam and Dean suggest destroying the locket, Gavin can't get past all the people Fiona has killed. Sam and Dean then suggest Gavin be sent back to 1723 as a way to prevent Fiona from becoming a ghost at all. This turns out to be something Gavin had thought about and intended to go through, as evidenced by Crowley's arrival at his behest. Crowley tries to talk Gavin out of going back and killing himself, but Gavin's mind is made up. He reveals to Crowley he only called to him so he could say goodbye, before leaving with the Winchesters.

At the Men of Letters Bunker, Sam prepares the blood spell and thanks Gavin for his sacrifice. As Sam recites the invocation, Gavin grasps Fiona's locket in his hand as she appears next to him and the two are consumed in a white light before disappearing.