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==Future!Dean In Fandom==
==Future!Dean In Fandom==
* [http://recklessandbroken.tumblr.com/ recklessandbroken] - Future!Dean RP Tumblr Blog
* [http://recklessandbroken.tumblr.com/ recklessandbroken] - Future!Dean RP Tumblr Blog
* [http://askfuturewinchester.tumblr.com/ askfuturewinchester] Future!Dean RP Tumblr Blog
* [http://askfuturewinchester.tumblr.com/ askfuturewinchester] Future!Dean RP/Ask Tumblr Blog
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[[Category: Canon]] [[Category: Characters]]

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Dean 2014.jpg
Name Dean Winchester
Actor Jensen Ackles
Dates August 2014
Location Deceased after taking part in a surprise attack on Lucifer in 2014
Occupation Leader at Camp Chitaqua
Episode(s) 5.04 The End


Future!Dean represents Dean Winchester five years into the future of 2009. During his era in 2014, demons have released the Croatoan virus which has reached and affected a great portion of the human population, turning the infected into mindless, murderous zombies. During this time, Dean is in command of a resistance force at Camp Chitaqua, where survivors have gathered including Future!Chuck and Future!Castiel. The Future!Dean never reconciled with Sam after they parted, and at some point Sam agreed to be Lucifer's vessel in Detroit. Future!Dean tried to become Michael's Vessel, but the it was too late because all the Angels gave up and left Heaven. When Dean from 2009 arrives at Camp Chitaqua, Future!Dean takes him prisoner. Dean finds that Future!Dean has become ruthless, resorting to torture to get information. After regaining the Colt, Future!Dean leads a mission to kill Lucifer, using his friends in a suicide mission to distract Lucifer. In a confrontation with Lucifer, Future!Dean is killed.


  • There was mixed opinion amongst fans as to whether the future shown here is "real" or merely constructed by Zachariah to persuade Dean to become Michael's Vessel. In the commentary to the episode on the Season 5 DVD, Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund describe how initially the episode was going to involve time travel, but the premise became so complicated (they describe drawing it on a whiteboard to explain to Bob Singer who retorted - "You going to do that for the viewers?") that they changed it to an alternate universe model.

Future!Dean In Fandom