Forest Troll

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Forest Troll
Powers and Abilities Crushing everything in its path.
Vulnerabilities Unknown
Appearance Giant frickin' monster.
Episode(s) 13.10 Wayward Sisters


A native inhabitant of the Bad Place, and possibly one of many that dominate the world.


The exact measurements of the Forest Troll are unknown, other than that it towers over the treeline of the Bad Place and leaves footprints at least four feet deep in the ground. The creature's facial structure has a bald, vaguely humanoid appearance, with red glowing eyes, no nose, and flat, jagged looking teeth.


13.09 The Bad Place

After waking up in the Bad Place, Sam and Dean end up in, unbeknownst to them, the foot print of the Forest Troll.

13.10 Wayward Sisters

Stopping to rest and eat, Sam and Dean are forced to abandon their camp when the loud footsteps of the Forest Troll begin sounding closer.

After being captured and restrained by Dark Kaia, she "rings the dinner bell" by hitting the skull of a large monster repeatedly, alerting the Forest Troll who begins making its way to Sam and Dean's location. After they are freed by Claire Novak and Kaia Nieves, the four make their way back to the portal, but are stopped by Kaia's doppelgänger. As the doppelgänger accidently stabs Kaia, the Forest Troll reveals itself towering over the trees, letting out a loud roar as Sam, Dean, and Claire make their escape through the portal.


  • Stuart Ansley, the VFX artist who created the creature, referred to the monster as a "Forest Troll" in his portfolio.