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Cast and Crew favorites

According to various interview answers:

  • Jensen Ackles - likes Pasta, usually with a meat sauce and also likes Chicken.
  • Jared Padalecki - is a big Cheeseburger fan!
  • Misha Collins - loves seriously, there are articles about it and everything - Misha talking about Kale

Likes Sushi and Dr Pepper...but not mixed together.

Jims Food Tweet.jpg

link to Jim's tweet

Sam chose Champagne and Caviar

Sam's Food Tweet.jpg

link to Sam's tweet

Rick has a passions for Asian food and Red Velvet cupcakes (as if anyone didn't know that!)

Rick food tweet 1.jpg

File:Rick food tweet 2.jpg

link to Rick's first tweet
link to Rick's second tweet

Likes Chicken and Tequila...ahhh so that's what a MovieGod eats!

Russ Food Tweet.jpg

link to Russ's tweet

Tara said that this was a tough one as she loves so many foods, but went with Sushi and Tequila.

Tara Food Tweet.jpg

link to Tara's tweet
link to Tara's tweet

Likes Bacon cheeseburger and whiskey (is he Dean Winchester?)

Adams Food Tweet.jpg

link to Adam's tweet

  • Ryan Curtis - Supernatural VFX Coordinator/Supervisor - Ryan's Twitter

Likes something that rhymes with 'Dingle Salt Crotch'...single malt Scotch?

Ryans Food Tweet.jpg

link to Ryan's tweet

Robbie Food Tweet.jpg

Link to Robbie's Tweet

AdamG's Food Tweet.jpg

Link to Adam's Tweet


Sustenance on set

Catering on set is by Green Machine Catering

Misha tweet about Guanaco Food Truck

Guanaco Food Truck

Jose Manzano - Guanaco Food Truck owner is also Camera Assistant for Supernatural

Misha tweeted a picture of Jared, Jensen and himself enjoying the delights of the Guanaco Food Truck.

There are also some dubious looking food's left on set and in production.

Link to Russ's Artichoke tweet

Perhaps someone needs to clear out the old food from set!


Tara's food porn

File:Tara Larson Food Porn.jpg
A recent food porn tweet from Tara

The lovely Tara Larsen who works with Executive Producer Jim Michaels in Vancouver, is the food porn queen!

She regularly temps her twitter followers with drool worthy images of delectable looking food, either from set or dining out.

Here are some of the tweets from set:


Food Prank War

File:Kevin Hooks Food Prank.jpg
Jim's Tweet about Kevin's Food prank

There is a food prank war going on behind the scenes of Supernatural!:

It has become a bit of a tradition for the crew to play certain food war pranks on each other when they dine out together, it usually involves massive amounts of over-ordering for one poor unsuspecting person.

That victim has their picture with the massive portion tweeted, usually by Jim Michaels or Russ Hamilton, then they have to eat as much as they possibly can. To be sounds like they usually give it their best shot.

Kevin Hooks [1] (Directing an episode of SPN S9) was the most recent victim of the food prank wars:

Other food prank tweets: