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Name Floyd
Actor Michael Patric
Dates  ???? - 2018 (killed by vampires)
Location Apocalypse World (Northern Kentucky)
Occupation Refugee
Episode(s) 13.21 Beat the Devil


Floyd was an Apocalypse World refugee who was on his way to the satellite colony set up by Mary and Jack in Dayton, Ohio, when his group was attacked by a nest of vampires, taking their numbers from nine to two by the time he and Maggie met the Winchesters.


13.21 Beat the Devil

While being attacked by a vampire, Floyd tells Maggie to run, but she disregards him and attempts to get the vampire off of Floyd. Their screams catch the attention of the Winchesters, Castiel, and Gabriel, who arrive and dispatch the vampire. Floyd reveals he and Maggie are the only two left of their group, and tells them they were on their way to Dayton, Ohio, to the camp set up by Mary and Jack, when they were attacked by a nest of vampires. Sam and Dean offer to take them the rest of the way, under their protection.

In the Morehead Tunnel, the group comes across the bodies of Floyd and Maggie's travel companions being eaten by a vampire, which Sam decapitates. As Castiel and Gabriel are moving rocks blocking a passageway, the group is attacked. Floyd and Maggie attempt to fight the vampires off as best they can, until Floyd is dragged away down a dark tunnel and killed.