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Fandomnatural is a free & public Supernatural fan community on Reddit.

"A Haven for the Supernatural Fandom. All ships and characters of all sizes are welcome. As well as all crazy theories that are dismissed elsewhere. There's no hate, no judgment, no discrimination here. Feel free to share whatever your heart desires."


Created February 2013 by Reddit user & moderator Ennil, Fandomnatural has reached 4,000 subscribers and continues to grow.

With a focus on respecting and celebrating all interpretations & the diversity of the SPN fandom, Fandomnatural contains significant numbers of nonshippers, shippers (destiel, wincest, etc), canon purists & theorists, as well as fan writers, artists, cosplayers & con-goers.

As a community, Fandomnatural shares cross-promotional links to the podcast Supernatural: The Crossroads as well as the SPN Positivity Brigade on Tumblr.

Featured Posts

Aside from free & open member submissions of SPN fanworks, activity, news & multimedia, Fandomnatural contains the following Featured Posts for its members.

  • Capslocks Party Threads. Posted the day of a new episode's airing, Capslocks Party Threads offer an opportunity to get excited & discuss the upcoming episode in all caps.
  • Fandom Episode Discussion Threads, usually posted the day after the airing of a new episode, places emphasis upon the fandom's point of view, "meaning lots of theories, crazy opinions (or not) and just general discussion. So what did you think of the episode?"
  • Fanfiction Thursdays, a weekly fanfiction recommendation thread for subscribers to endorse fanfiction - their own or others'. There is nothing too chaste or too explicit to qualify as an appropriate recommendation. These recs are released in a weekly FanFiction Thursdays Newsletter on their Tumblr as well as posted in their Delicious Fanfiction Recs Archive.


Fandomnatural also hosts its own wiki, with content created & organized by moderators as well as volunteer administrators. Content includes a Guide to Fanfiction, SPN Fandom Resources, Outside Recommendations, Prompt Fills & an SPN Comics Archive.


Fandomnatural's IRC Channel is used primarily for Supernatural Episode Viewing Parties (which coincide with the Capslocks Party Threads) and any scheduled RPGs members have organized. It's often used casually as well, with members submitting posts to the subreddit inviting others to hang out and chat if they're available.

Social Media

Find Fandomnatural outside Reddit:

  • Twitter. @Fandomnatural_ Tweets threads, covers conventions when it can, promotes fan projects as well as the SPN cast & crew's charitable acts, projects & side projects #SPNFamily