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A Fan Fic Archive is a site specifically set up to house fanfiction.

As Livejournal and have been the major sites for creative works in the Supernatural fandom, they have acted as defacto archives for the bulk of Supernatural fan fic. is set up to be searchable by key terms, however on Livejournal, there is no way to search for a fanfiction, unless it is posted to a community that keeps some form of index. For example Supernatural fic which is the largest single fanfiction community and has a comprehensive tagging system, that means that the stories are searchable by author, rating, genre, pairing, as well as those relating to specific episodes.

The Supernatural Fic Link Archive tags all the stories listed in the spnnewsletter producing a searchable archive of links of fan fiction at delicious as of December 2009. Fics are searchable by author, category, rating and pairing. Almost 40,000 stories have been tagged as of January 2011.

Supernatural-specific fan fic archives sites have been set up and many authors are now using the Archive Of Our Own, a multifandom archive run by the Organisation of Transformative Works.

Fanfic Archives

  • Archive Of Our Own - multifandom archive run by the Organisation of Transformative Works. Currently in beta testing, it has over 30,000 Supernatural stories as of January 2013.
  • Sam/Dean - an archive which focuses on Sam/Dean and is Wincest friendly. Over 3,400 stories (January 2013)
  • Sinful Desire - a fanfic archive (Wincest-centric). Over 4,000 stories (January 2013)
  • SPN Nightcrawler livejournal community - more a fic link archive than a rec list, but a good palce to go to find fic featuring certain types of creaures eg werewolves, vampires etc
  • Spn-LittleBro livejournal community for hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared stories
  • Winchester Journal - a fic archive and gallery
  • Supernaturalville: Unscripted Genius - a general fanfic archive and home of the Supernatural Virtual Season. - no longer exists., the home page for SPN's Virtual Season project is still up though.
  • Hunters Stop Archive - a panfandom archive that includes Supernatural fics - Terms of Service violation; not online.