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Powers and Abilities Shapeshift into an animal, telepathic and sense a person's personality.
Vulnerabilities Any killing method
Appearance Human/Animal
Episode(s) 8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits

The master and the familiar -- there's an unbreakable bond, like a melding of souls. We would die for each other.

Portia, 8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits


A familiar is a shapeshifting companion of a witch. It is unknown how a familiar started off; as an animal or a human, but shapeshifting into a animal varies differently with each familiar. Both the familiar and the witch share a special bond, but the familiar is the one who chooses its master and once they have chosen, they cannot leave. When a witch and familiar find each other there is a melding of souls, which forms an unbreakable bond between the two, where master or familiar would die for each other. Familiars and witches are forbidden from engaging in sexual relationships with each other.

Familiars appear to be rare among witches, as not all witches have them.

Powers and abilities

  • Shapeshifting – Familiars can shapeshift at will between their animal and human appearances.
  • Telepathy – Familiars can telepathically communicate with their masters unless blocked.


  • Conventional means – Familars are mortal creatures and can be killed with standard weaponry.


Portia in her human form.

8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits

Portia, a familiar enlists the help of Sam and Dean about her master, James having dreams that involve him murdering people which in fact turn out to be true when James finds out that the people in his dreams are actually dead. Portia and Dean investigate a local witch bar while Sam heads off to the police station for information. Portia and Dean met another familiar, Phillippe LeChat, and discover from both him and his master Spencer that there isn't a spell out there that can cause another witch to kill.

As a safe measure, Portia chains James to his bed as per request from Sam and Dean and during that night they engage in sexual intercourse. Dean and Sam, without any choice but to kill James since they believe he is actually murdering innocent people is stopped by Portia after she finds out, through the use of finally being able to see into James's mind again, protests that James is in fact innocent.

Next day, Portia and Dean question a snitch named Drexil and discover that the witch community isn't happy with James's actions and if he doesn't stop murdering people than he will be either forced to leave or commit suicide.

After James discovers that Phillippe is actually involved, he confronts him and finds out that although he was against framing James he was forced to do it by Spencer. Phillippe is then killed after having confessed to James by Spencer.

In the ensuing battle between Spencer and James, Dean and Sam, Portia noticing that Spencer was gaining the upper hand, attacks Spencer which causes him to lose concentration. Sam and Dean then kill him with a witch-killing potion.

Familiars in Lore