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Eugenie Ross-Leming is a writer and co-executive producer on Supernatural. Ross-Leming has worked in the television industry as a writer, producer, director and actor since 1977. Along with her writing partner, Brad Buckner, Ross-Leming has written and produced for shows such as Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (which Robert Singer, Jim Michaels and Phil Sgriccia are also alumni of).

In 2005, Ross-Leming and Buckner joined the writing staff for the first season of Supernatural, departing the series after the season with the majority of the writer's room. With season seven, Ross-Leming and Buckner returned to Supernatural in a writing capacity, becoming consulting producers in season eight and co-executive producers in season nine.

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  • Ross-Leming is married to director/executive producer Robert Singer.