Espírito Santo

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It was like the old Yankee clippers. A smuggling vessel. Rakish topsail, barquentine rigging, angel head on the bow.

– Peter Warren, 3.06 Red Sky at Morning

The fictional ghost ship, whose name means literally "Holy Spirit" after the Holy Ghost of Christianity, is a death omen. This three-masted Clipper ship, will seek out a specific target - people who have spilled the blood of family members. In 3.06 Red Sky at Morning four people saw the ship before drowning on land, the first was Sheila Case, who killed her cousin in a car accident, the next two were the Warren brothers, who murdered their father for the inheritance. The final victim was to be Bela Talbot, however Sam Winchester was able to perform a spell to summon the Sailor’s Ghost's brother, the captain of the Espírito Santo who put him to death, which allowed the Sailor Ghost to exact revenge, finally putting him and Espírito Santo to rest.