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Name Ephraim
Actor Ashton Holmes
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Castiel)
Location Rexford, Idaho
Occupation Rit Zien
Episode(s) 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

I won't stop until I wash the planet clean of all suffering.

– Ephraim, 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait


Ephraim was a member of a class of angels known as Rit Zien, which are angel "field medics," that healed the injured or in the case of those beyond saving, would render a quick and painless death.

Before the fall of the angels, Ephraim had never been to Earth but had met Castiel and was in awe of him despite his failures.


9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

"I just followed the sound of your pain. You have no idea how loud it is. I could hear you for miles."

Falling to Earth in Rexford, Idaho, Ephraim takes the vessel of a man who had recently become devout and due to Reverend Buddy Boyle agreed to be his vessel when approached. Ephraim became determined to continue his work on Earth, ridding the world of pain and started by killing his vessel's wife. Ephraim killed three more people and tracked down Castiel from the pain he was emanating about being human despite him having warded himself. Confronting him at Nora's house, Ephraim stopped Castiel from banishing him and told him he should be trying to help the fallen angels rather than trying to be human. When Dean shows up, Ephraim tosses him into a wall and prepares to kill Castiel, but Dean tosses him an angel blade as he starts and Castiel stabs Ephraim with it, killing him.