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Eileen Leahy 15x07.png
Name Eileen Leahy
Actor Shoshannah Stern
Dates 1985 – 2017 (killed by a hellhound)
2019 (resurrected by Sam Winchester)
Location Lebanon, Kansas
Occupation Hunter
Hell Ghost (briefly)
Episode(s) 11.11 Into the Mystic
12.17 The British Invasion
12.21 There's Something About Mary
15.06 Golden Time
15.07 Last Call
15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven
15.09 The Trap

I prefer working alone. Trust issues.

– Eileen Leahy, 11.11 Into the Mystic


Eileen Leahy is an Irish-born hunter. Thirty years ago her father was killed by a banshee and her mother sacrificed herself to protect Eileen by performing a spell that sent the banshee away. A hunter named Lillian O'Grady found the infant Eileen in her crib with her ears bleeding, having gone deaf from the banshee's piercing scream. Lillian raised and trained Eileen to be a hunter, while also attempting to track down the banshee that killed Eileen's parents. Lillian died of cancer when Eileen was 16 years old, leaving her on her own to hunt. Eileen has continued to try to find the banshee that killed her family and get revenge.

Eileen's maternal grandfather, Edward Durban II, was inducted into the Men of Letters on September 12, 1939, making Eileen a legacy.

After accidentally killing British Men of Letters operative Renny Rawlings, Eileen was killed by a hellhound controlled by Arthur Ketch in revenge. Over two years later she resurfaced as a hell ghost, revealing the hellhound that killed her dragged her soul to Hell where she managed to escape when God released all of the souls of Hell. Using a spell created by Rowena, Sam was able to resurrect Eileen. However, it's later revealed that God manipulated the situation so that Eileen would be resurrected by Sam so that He could use her to get at the Winchesters, Sam in particular.


Lillian's hunter's journal, now owned by Eileen

11.11 Into the Mystic

In County Cork, Ireland, Eileen's father Padraic is attacked and killed by a banshee. To protect the infant Eileen, her mother Maura performs a spell that banishes the creature.

Having learned of a recent banshee kill, Eileen goes undercover as a housekeeper at Oak Park Retirement Living in Oak Park, Kansas. There she crosses paths with Sam Winchester. Misreading his and Dean's conversation, she assumes Sam to be a banshee that has learned to blend in. She traps Sam with a Celtic sigil trap in the laundry room. After she cuts him with a gold blade that a banshee would react to, Sam is able to convince her that he and Dean are both hunters, looking for the same banshee that she is.

The Winchesters get together with Eileen and Mildred, whom they suspect may be the next victim. Eileen and Mildred discuss how hot the boys are using American Sign Language.

Together, the three formulate a plan to trap and kill the creature, using Mildred Baker as bait, in a room that has been adorned with a Celtic sigil trap. The banshee appears and goes after Dean. When Eileen attempts to kill it, she is flung across the room into some shelves. After Sam is incapacitated as well, Eileen signs to Mildred to activate the sigil, which sends the banshee into a wall. Eileen quickly grabs a gold blade and rushes the trapped banshee, stabbing it in the midsection, causing it to explode into black smoke and dissipate.

Once the case is finished, Sam asks Eileen how her revenge felt and what she plans to do now. She tells him it was just another kill and that hunting is her life. He tells Eileen to call if she ever needs anything, or even to just hang out. Eileen and Mildred admire the view as Sam and Dean walk away from them towards the Impala.

12.17 The British Invasion

Speaking with Sam and Dean through FaceTime, Eileen tells them she has been tracking Kelly Kline's whereabouts. She reveals that Kelly's last known location in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, was a warehouse that mysteriously burned down, and she sends them security photos of Kelly leaving the building with Dagon. Dean tells Eileen she's doing great work and gives Eileen the thumbs up as Sam shifts the monitor back towards himself and the two say their goodbyes.

Some time later, Eileen meets up with Sam and Dean at the Bunker. She tells them she ran the plates on any cars that passed the warehouse that night, and reveals the name Dermott Culp, a man that went missing a year ago. Tracking his car to Iowa, she'd found Dermott carrying a dead body out of a building. When Dean questions if Dermott is a killer, Eileen tells him he was a demon who cleaned up Dagon's messes. Upon confronting him, the two had quickly gotten into a fight where Eileen was able to subdue him, and before stabbing him in the heart with an angel blade was able to get Kelly Kline's phone number from him, much to Sam and Dean's delight.

The next day at a junkyard, Sam and Eileen meet up with Mick Davies and Renny Rawlings, who hand over the Colt to Sam. Later that night, when Dean arrives with Kelly, Mick argues that Kelly will mean nothing to the Nephilim, when suddenly Dagon appears. Dagon thrusts her hands in the air and Sam, Dean, Eileen, Mick, and Renny get flung backwards, landing heavily. As they slowly get back on their feet, Dean and Mick try shooting Dagon, which has no effect in slowing her down. She throws them aside again and walks up to Kelly. Eileen sees the Colt, which Sam dropped when he was thrown. She inches towards it. Dagon reaches Kelly, takes her by the hand, and begins to walk away. With Dagon in her sights, Eileen fires, just as Dagon disappears, taking Kelly with her. The bullet from the Colt continues on its path and hits Renny in the chest. Sam, Dean, Mick, and Eileen slowly realize what has happened as Renny collapses and dies. Shocked, Eileen tells everyone she didn't mean to kill Renny, and was aiming for Dagon. Mick pulls out his gun and approaches Eileen, telling Sam and Dean that since she killed a Man of Letters, she must die. Eileen pleads with Mick not to kill her, and Mick is eventually talked down by Sam and lets the three go.

At the Bunker, Dean asks if Eileen is okay. She nods with a yes, before shaking her head and breaking into tears, telling the Winchesters that Renny wasn't a monster. Eileen reaches for Sam and he pulls her into a comforting hug, telling her it was a mistake. Sometime later Dean questions Sam where Eileen is at; Sam tells him that she went back to Ireland for a while.

As Mick is giving his report to Dr. Hess, she tells Mick that Eileen Leahy will be found and killed in accordance with the Code.

Eileen faces the hellhound straight on.

12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Eileen, along with the Winchesters, Claire Novak, and Garth, are seen by Mary on video screens being tracked by the British Men of Letters.

12.21 There's Something About Mary

Eileen is running for her life through some woods in South Carolina, being pursued by a hellhound. She stops and begins firing her weapon but is quickly overtaken and mauled, until Mr. Ketch blows a dog whistle, calling the hound off of Eileen's now dead body.

Sometime later Sam receives a call from Jody informing him of Eileen's death. He and Dean head down to South Carolina to identify her body and come to the conclusion they are dealing with a hellhound. While investigating the recent rash of hunter deaths, Sam calls Crowley about Eileen's death, but he claims that he doesn't know who she is and reports that there are no missing hellhounds. Later, the Winchesters stop at the Lebanon, Kansas, post office to check their P.O. Box, where they find a letter from Eileen, telling them she'd found a bug in her room and believed her phone and computer were hacked, and asking to stay with Sam and Dean at the Bunker for a few days. After capturing Lady Toni Bevell, the Winchesters demand to know if the British Men of Letters killed Eileen. Toni pretends not to know who Eileen is, but admits that its likely as a rule of thumb with the British Men of Letters is that if you suspect them of having killed someone, they probably did.

15.06 Golden Time

After noticing strange happenings around him a few times, Sam is surprised when Eileen manifests as a ghost while he is out jogging. Eileen explains that the hellhound that killed her dragged Eileen's soul to Hell where she had remained trapped until God released all of the souls of Hell upon the world. Unlike the other ghosts, Eileen fled the area as fast as possible and avoided the magical barrier set up by Belphegor. Eileen seeks Sam and Dean's help in getting into Heaven as she knows that she will eventually go insane as a ghost, but they inform her that they recently learned that souls condemned to Hell can't get into Heaven. Without a better idea, Dean suggests creating a new Soul Catcher to contain Eileen's soul.

Eileen's ghost prepares to become flesh once more.

In order to create a Soul Catcher, Sam travels with Eileen to Rowena's Apartment where Eileen helps him locate Rowena's magical stash. Amongst Rowena's journals, Sam finds a spell she was creating for Mary Winchester that can turn spirit into flesh, resurrecting that person. Sam realizes that he can use the spell to resurrect Eileen, but the two are attacked by witches seeking the spell for themselves who capture Sam and banish Eileen. Eileen is able to get Dean who arrives in time to help fight off the witches. When the ghost of the deceased witch Jacinda attacks, Eileen reappears to grapple with her until Dean can salt and burn Jacinda's body.

After returning to the bunker, Sam performs the resurrection spell while Eileen submerges herself in a tub full of water and herbs. Eileen emerges from the tub alive and naked and embraces Sam after putting on a towel.

15.07 Last Call

Sam and Eileen spend some time together, including a night of margaritas out and a morning making a big breakfast. After Dean leaves on a hunt, Sam and Eileen begin researching how to find Chuck or Lilith, when Eileen suggestively offers they do something else. Sam starts to respond when Castiel returns to the Bunker with an idea how to find Chuck by probing Sam’s God wound. As Castiel is probing Sam, something goes wrong and Sam is slammed against the wall and knocked out. With Sam unconscious, Castiel calls Dean to no avail and leaves a message. Castiel then calls Sergei, the shaman, reminding him that Sergei owes him for what happened with Jack. Sergei replies he has promised to take his niece shopping this weekend. Castiel threatens to track Sergei down and burn him alive.

Sergei arrives at the Bunker and is awed to be in the home of the fabled Men of Letters. After running a crystal over Sam's body, which began to glow over his bullet wound, Sergei drops the bombshell --Sam is dying. Sergei reveals that Sam's wound goes all the way down to his soul, as well as being tethered to someone or something out in the world, and that the probing caused Sam’s soul to stretch to the breaking point. When Eileen asks him if he can fix Sam, Sergei agrees to do so.

Sergei’s “cure” is actually killing Sam faster, causing him to see visions of Chuck’s memories. Sergei tells Castiel that he has demands. Eileen slams Sergei against the Bunker wall, threatening him. But Sergei coolly demands an object that the Men of Letters possess -- the Key to Death. He tells them that it opens the door to Death's Library. Castiel says no, then shows a photo of Sergei’s niece, Anna, on his phone. He reveals that his friend Bobby is watching her, and threatens that something will happen to Anna if Sam dies. Sergei relents and heals Sam.

15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

In the midst of a werewolf hunt, Eileen is surprised by the sudden appearance of Sam. She pushes him out of the way as the werewolf was going to attack him from behind, then kills it herself. When she asks Sam if he was following her, he admits he was and asks if she feels like he was being overprotective.

Back at the Bunker, Eileen and Sam are having a meal when Dean enters with a revelation that the demon tablet could possibly hold a clue for finding a weakness for Chuck. After realizing they will need to travel to Hell to speak with Michael in the Cage, Eileen remains at the Bunker to maintain the spell Sam, Dean, and Castiel use to gain entry. While tending to the spell and feeding its flame, Eileen receives a video call from an older hunter acquaintance, Sue Barrish, who asks Eileen for some help with a vampire nest near her location. Eileen tells her she is busy, but may be able to help once she is finished.

After Sam, Dean, and Castiel return, Eileen receives another call from Sue for help, where Eileen witnesses Sue get attacked. Eileen goes to Sam for backup to go and rescue her. They follow Sue’s directions to an empty parking garage, where they find Sue’s truck, abandoned, and no vampires to be seen. Sue then walks out from the shadows, causing Eileen to say "Thank God." Sue morphs into Chuck and replies "any time" before greeting Sam.

15.09 The Trap

In the Lucky Elephant Casino, Chuck holds Eileen and a tied-up Sam against their will. Chuck reveals that he helped Eileen to the bunker and nudged Sam toward discovering the half-finished spell that allowed him to resurrect her. While Chuck is distracted, Eileen dials Dean on her phone so Dean can hear Chuck. Chuck takes the phone and hangs up. Chuck then gives Eileen a knife and takes control of her body, leaving her aware, but forcing her to cut into Sam's shoulder. Eileen and Sam are eventually rescued by Dean and Castiel. Eileen decides to pack her things, saying that after everything that's happened, she doesn't know what's real anymore. Sam and Eileen kiss. He tells her that was real. Eileen leaves the bunker.

15.11 The Gamblers

Sam has been texting with Eileen while Dean drives en route to Alaska. She is still recovering from their previous encounter with Chuck, but she thinks their plan to seek out the place in Alaska that Garth mentioned to restore their luck sounds too good to be true.

15.14 Last Holiday

As Eileen is in town, Sam goes out on a date with her with the help of Mrs. Butters to get ready. Dean makes lewd remarks when Sam suggests that he wants some privacy with Eileen. Sam returns from the date quite late, which both Mrs. Butters and Dean question him about. Dean once again implies that Sam might've had sex with Eileen but Sam refuses to explain what happened.

15.18 Despair

After believing that Stevie disappeared due to Billie's plan to put everyone in their proper places, Sam texts Eileen to warn her. But by the time they are able to reach her location, the only thing they find is her cracked cell phone.

15.19 Inherit the Earth

When Jack brings back everyone Chuck snapped away, this presumably includes Eileen.

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