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Name Efram
Actor Dylan Archambault
Dates Before humanity - 2015 (killed by Castiel)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
11.02 Form and Void

You get in my way again... You touch me again, and I... will... end you!

– Efram, 11.02 Form and Void


Efram, along with Jonah was an angel that answered Castiel's prayer for help after he was cursed by Rowena.


11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

Efram along with Jonah appear before Castiel sometime after he prayed for help from the other angels. The two place him in handcuffs and take him at knife point to an abandoned building, where they reveal they are not taking him to Heaven and proceed to string him up and put a bag over his head.

11.02 Form and Void

Efram and Jonah begin their interrogation/torture of Castiel by demanding to know Metatron's location. Castiel claims to not know where Metatron is, and asks for mercy from his angel brethren, but Efram doesn't believe Castiel deserves mercy, as anytime he needs to make a choice between his family or the Winchesters, he chooses the Winchesters; and proceeds to continue with the torture. Efram once again asks for Metatron's location, when Castiel doens't tell him any thing new, Efram threatens castration. Before he can make good on his threat, Hannah bursts through the door and orders the two to stop, telling them to wait outside while she talks with Castiel.

When Castiel realizes that Hannah is working with Efram and Jonah, and her rescue was just a ploy. Efram and Jonah reenter telling Cas that the Heavenly Host had a vote and Hannah was only doing her job, and that they will be taking a new course of action by hacking his brain. As Jonah is placing spikes in Castiel's skull, Efram steps in and is about to drive a spike into Castiel's skull when Hannah begins to protest, stopping Efram from sticking anymore spikes in Cas. Efram retaliates by knocking Hannah to the ground and kicking her, telling her the next time she interferes he will kill her. The sight of this incites Cas, who breaks free from his chair and knocks Efram off Hannah. As Hannah gets to her feet, Efram stabs her in the back of the head with an angel blade. Castiel and Efram fight with one another, until Castiel is able to get the upper hand and stabs Efram with an angel blade, killing him.