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Art by @snuffie ""I keep thinking of scenarios where Claire falls asleep with her (Kaia) while armed to the teeth. so she can protect Kaia and let her get a nights sleep for once" Yadira Guevara Prip who plays Kaia reposted it with the comment "So dope! @kathrynnewton we should snuggle like this."

DreamHunter is the pairing name for Kaia Nieves and Claire Novak - a mashup of Dreamwalker and Hunter. The alternative name is Caia. Both were coined following the appearance of promo photos for 13.10 Wayward Sisters which showed the characters together. The ship was considered to have sailed following the airing of the episode in which a romantic connection formed between the women.

In 14.03 The Scar, Jody says: "Claire's been doing so good, and, I mean, anything connected to Kaia, she's a powder keg. First love strikes quick, and to lose it like that..."

DreamHunter is referenced again in 15.12 Galaxy Brain when it's revealed that Kaia is alive in the Bad Place, having been saved by Dark Kaia before she moved on to their world. Through her eyes, she discovers that the Bad Place is dying and wants to go back and save Kaia. When Jody and Castiel search through the Bunker's archives, she explains that Claire has been looking for Kaia's killer for two years and is out of cell range in Yosemite following a false lead. With help from Castiel and the reaper Merle, they eventually manage to find a way to hide Jack's powers from Chuck as he opens a rift to the Bad Place. Sam and Dean find Kaia and take her back through the rift as the Bad Place is destroyed in a flood along with Dark Kaia, who chose to stay behind. Later, Jody offers to take her in to live with her and the other girls. When Kaia asks if Claire will be there, Jody happily replies "She will be. Soon." Kaia thanks everyone before she and Jody leave the Bunker.

Bob Berens tweeted out #Dreamhunter during the episode 15.12 Galaxy Brain when Kaia returns and is going to be reunited with Claire.