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Doujinshi are a specifically Japanese sort of fanwork. Basically, doujinshis are fan-produced manga or comic-books. The word doujinshi could be transliterated as "same person" meaning that the same person who created the work paid for the publishing of it. While doujinshi artists are technically amateurs, doujinshi are sold and popular artists can make significant amounts of money. The more lax laws and attitude in Japan toward copyright permits this. Doujinshi cover genres similar to those found in Western fanfiction. Doujinshis have a special value in Japanese manga culture as a training ground - a lot of manga artists have started out as doujinshi artists for their favorite manga or TV series before going pro with original material.

Supernatural Doujinshi

Supernatural fandom has become very popular in the world of doujinshi. Publications are generally yaoi - either Wincest or RPS - ranging from PG-13 to porn.

An example of Japanese Manga Style Shounen-Ai1 Doujinshi
Circle / Artist : Weekend / Matsuri

  • Love comedy story about Sam and Dean
  • Serious story about Sam and Dean

1: Shounen-Ai or Shonen-Ai literally means Boys Love, and is a typical mild yaoi-themed or slash-themed story.

Links to Doujinshi Artists and Stores

Note: this is only a small sample of the huge range of doujinshi and artists