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Sheriff Donna.jpg
Name Donna Hanscum
Actor Briana Buckmaster
Location Stillwater, Minnesota
Occupation Sheriff
Episode(s) 9.13 The Purge
10.08 Hibbing 911
11.07 Plush

So, fresh corpse, jerk ex-husband, out-of-control teen. Want to get blingo'd on my minibar and watch pay-per-view?

– Sheriff Donna Hanscum, 10.08 Hibbing 911


Donna is the Sheriff in Stillwater, Minnesota. She grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota and her husband, Sheriff Doug Kontos, left her in 2013 because he thought she was too fat and he was a douchebag.


9.13 The Purge

Sam and Dean are in Stillwater to investigate the death of competitive eater died after a hot dog-eating contest, who had mysteriously lost 200 pounds in a matter of minutes. The Winchesters pose as FBI agents to get the details about the victim, Wayne McNut, from Sheriff Donna Hanscum who shares her powdered sugar donuts with Dean.

Following another death, Sam and Dean investigate the Canyon Valley Health club. Coincidentally Sheriff Hanscum is at the club as a guest having being on a waiting list for six months to get in. Donna has a session with Maritza who tells her that she will be using a procedure called “cupping” that helps with weight loss. As the Sheriff falls asleep, Maritza sticks out her pishtaco proboscis and begins to suck fat out of the sheriff.

Sam and Dean then question Sheriff Hanscum, who is happy because she lost 10 pounds on the first day at the spa. They discuss the case, and are interested when she shows them suction mark supposedly left by Maritza's "cupping procedure".

After the Winchesters work out that it is Martiza's brother Alonso, who is a pishtaco is the murderer and he is killed by Dean, they tell Sheriff Hanscum that a "psycho killer" was responsible.

10.08 Hibbing 911

At the sheriff's retreat in Hibbing, Minnesota, Donna acts as the greeter and welcomes Sheriff Jody Mills when she arrives. Donna tries to cheer Jody up when she sees how down she is, but they are interrupted by Donna's ex-husband Sheriff Doug Kontos who makes fun of her weight and is rude.

When the retreat starts, Donna and Jody end up partnered together. Donna gets excited about the things there are to do at the retreat until her friend Kevin tells her about a body that was found. Donna is interested and asks about it, but Kevin doesn't know more than it is apparently an animal attack. When Jody leaves to call Sam and Dean, Donna promises to save her a seat.

Wanting to help investigate the death as she grew up in Hibbing, Donna goes to the morgue where she gets the coroner, Shelly, let her and Jody see the body. While Jody looks into the victim's personal effects, Donna examines the body itself and finds that she can't tell what bit the man which confuses her greatly. When Jody comments on being afraid of that, Donna questions it but Jody brushes it off.

Wanting to know if the sheriff knows more, Jody and Donna approach him, but he is unhelpful until his deputy pulls him away to tell him about another victim under the guise of telling him about a raffle. Unlike Jody, Donna believes that Len knows nothing and suggests they just let Animal Control figure things out. Donna is disheartened when she sees Doug having fun and is annoyed with Jody for calling him a "dick" as she still cares about him. She then goes to the bathroom so she doesn't have to see anymore. When she comes out, she finds Jody outside and is annoyed when she realizes Jody was going to leave without her until Jody tells her that she was going to the morgue to investigate another animal attack. Donna comforts Jody over her troubles with her adopted daughter Alex and suggests they hang out together, but Jody decides to go to bed instead.

The next morning, Donna brings Jody coffee and is excited to see Sam and Dean and offers her help though they decline. Jody asks Donna to go with her to see the weapons that are being displayed and though reluctant as she thought they were going to look into the morgue, Donna agrees. At the display, both Jody and Donna are unimpressed by the weapons the man shows them and Doug shows up to pick on Donna until Jody tells him off. However, Donna is annoyed at Jody's actions and tells her that until she loses a husband, not to say anything about hers. After realizing that Jody did lose a husband, Donna apologizes and goes to get some air.

Donna after killing her first vampire.

Outside, Donna finds and follows a trail of blood to where Len is crouching over another sheriff's body, his vampire fangs extended. Frightened, Donna hides while Len runs off. Returning inside, Donna pulls Jody aside to tell her what she has seen. To Donna's relief, Jody believes her and after Jody can't reach Sam and Dean, they break into Len's room. Searching the room, Donna is confused by the amount of sunscreen Len has but finds an address on a piece of paper before Sam and Dean arrive. Donna is shocked when Jody explains to Sam and Dean that Len is a vampire and Jody is forced to explain the truth about what's out there to her. Donna is freaked out by everything, especially after learning about the fat-eating monsters from the last time they met, but gives them the address she found and insists on coming with them. Though Sam and Dean are reluctant, Jody convinces them to let Donna come along and she agrees to let the Winchesters take the lead.

At the farm, Dean gives Donna a machete and tells her that to kill a vampire, she needs to decapitate it. However, the group gets captured by the vampires led by Starr and tied up. During the confrontation that follows, Donna points out that she found Len over the dead sheriff when he tells them he no longer hurts people anymore but he explains he found her like that and his instincts caused him to pull out his fangs, but he didn't hurt her. As Starr explains that Len turned them and taught them to eat everything of a victim, Donna breaks one of the lenses of her glasses and uses it to work on cutting herself free. Donna is horrified by Starr's killing of Len for refusing to harm them and breaks free during Dean's fight with the vampires in time to kill Starr and save Jody from the enraged vampire.

Afterwards, while she feels sick after what she saw, Donna is excited about how she killed a vampire and was good at it. Donna tells Jody that knowing monsters are out there makes the world seem bigger and darker and Jody offers to fill her in on how to fight monsters which Donna accepts.

11.07 Plush

12.22 Who We Are

When Jody goes off with Sam and the other hunters to fight the British Men of Letters, Jody has Donna meet Alex Jones at a safe house, and watch over her.