Donatello Redfield

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Name Donatello Redfield
Actor Keith Szarabajka
Location Lewis, Oklahoma
Occupation Professor
Episode(s) 11.21 All in the Family
11.22 We Happy Few

I can't be a prophet. I'm an atheist and a chemist! I-I believe in molecules, not God.

– Donatello Redfield, 11.21 All in the Family


Donatello Redfield was a chemistry professor at an unnamed university in Lewis, Oklahoma. He was the only survivor of the fog/rabid attack Amara sent to Lewis, OK. As the fog approached him, Donatello was struck by lighting, becoming a prophet, having been triggered due to coming into contact with Amara's power.


Donatello becomes a prophet.

11.21 All in the Family

After learning about Amara's attack on Lewis, Oklahoma, Sam and Dean arrive to question Donatello, who was the only survivor. Donatello describes to Sam and Dean how the fog came from nowhere, and caused people to begin choking and appear with black tendrils all over their bodies. He tells the Winchesters that when the fog approached him, he was suddenly struck by lightning, and his mind began exploding with "knowledge and clarity" and visions of destruction and death. Believing Donatello has become a prophet, Sam tests him out by showing him Enochian. Donatello initially tells Sam he has no idea what the paper says before surprising himself by reading "Behold the face of God."

Driving in the Impala, Donatello finds it hard to believe he is a prophet, explaining that he is an atheist and believes in science, not God. After Sam and Dean explain to him everything involving God, Amara and Lucifer; Donatello freaks out and futilely attempts to escape the Impala. As Sam and Dean try and calm him, Donatello begins sensing something, believing it could be God. At the Bunker, Donatello meets Chuck, who apologizes for the death of his cat and welcomes him aboard the team and tells him not to worry about his past atheism.

Sam, Dean and Donatello soon meet with Metatron at the Bunker. There they formulate a plan to rescue Lucifer from Amara, a skeptical Metatron asks if they even know where to find Amara, prompting Donatello to reveal he is getting a "vibe" and may be able to locate her. With Dean being used as a distraction for Amara. Sam, Donatello and Metatron arrive at the silo where Amara has been torturing Lucifer. As Metatron frees Lucifer from Amara's binding magic, Donatello senses that she is returning. Sam with Lucifer and Donatello begin to leave, while Metatron tries to buy them time. As they are speeding off, Amara appears before them in the middle of the road. As she is about to destroy them, the Impala is teleported to the Bunker by God.

Donatello's soul is consumed by Amara.

Sam and Dean then see Donatello off, he tells the Winchesters that he is going to see what comes next, as he doesn't feel like going back to academia and he can't go back to being an atheist anymore. He thanks Sam and Dean for their help, and they tell him they may need him again down the road before he drives off in his taxi.

11.22 We Happy Few

Three days after becoming a prophet, Donatello is back at his home in Lewis, Oklahoma where he is being assaulted by Amara. He pleads with Amara, telling her he doesn't know anything. Amara tells him that he knows where God is, and Donatello defiantly tells her he won't tell her where Chuck is. She tells him he won't have to before clasping her hands on his face and consuming Donatello's soul, which allows her learn that her brother is in Kansas.