Devil's Trap Bullets

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A devil's trap carved onto a bullet.

A devil's trap carved into the bullet.

Dean Winchester, 8.12 As Time Goes By


A devil's trap bullet is an ordinary bullet with a pentagram carved onto the tip. It was first devised by Henry Winchester as a way of stopping Abaddon. When someone fires one of these bullets into a demon, it acts the same way as a devil's trap by debilitating the demon and keeping them from moving or using their powers, but it can be removed with some effort. These bullets can even affect a Knight of Hell like Abaddon and a White-eyed Demons like Lilith, but Princes of Hell are immune to their powers since they are naturally immune to devil's traps. Demons can protect themselves from the effects of the bullets if they are wearing bulletproof vests. The bullets appear to be more effective than a standard devil's trap as they can restrain multiple demons at a distance, as opposed to having to trick one or more demons into stepping into a protective circle.

After Sam creates a new hunter network out of the refugees from Apocalypse World, devil's trap bullets are one of several types of special bullets put to use by the hunters.


8.12 As Time Goes By

When Sam is captured by Abaddon, Henry improvises by carving a pentagram onto the tip of a bullet. Henry has the gun hidden under his jacket when Dean trades him and the Box for Sam. Abaddon reneges on their deal and impales Henry with her hand, but he responds by firing the gun under her chin. She is left unable to move or see into Henry's mind. Dean later decapitates her and tells her that the trap will keep her from smoking out and that they will dismember her meatsuit and bury each strip under cement.

The devil's trap bullet, after being dug out of Crowley's shoulder.

8.22 Clip Show

After discovering how to cure a demon, Sam and Dean recover and reassemble Abaddon's meatsuit to complete the third trial to close the Gates of Hell. She is still unable to move due to the devil's trap bullet in her head. They leave her alone, after getting a call from Crowley, but she is able to move her dismembered left hand towards her body and use it to remove the bullet, freeing her. With Sam and Dean having relied on the bullet alone to bind Abaddon, she is able to teleport away once it is out of her head.

9.02 Devil May Care

Upon arrival at Eugene, Oregon, Dean arms Sam, Irv Franklin, and Tracy Bell with devil's trap bullets. After Abaddon ambushes Dean, Tracy shoots her six times with the bullets, but they have no effect on her as she is wearing a Kevlar vest.

9.21 King of the Damned

As a cautionary measure, Abaddon shoots Crowley with a devil's trap bullet. Crediting Henry with the idea, she tells him that he will be left powerless. Crowley is left unable to help Dean when he gets attacked by Abaddon and her demon minion aside from subtly warning Dean of a coming attack. After Abaddon is killed by Dean with the First Blade, Crowley uses a knife to gouge out the bullet from his shoulder and his handkerchief to staunch the bleeding. Though Crowley asks for help, Sam refuses, pointing out that the Winchesters could've easily just killed him while Crowley was disabled by the bullet but chose to let Crowley live instead.

10.22 The Prisoner

With the reluctant intention to complete his deal with Rowena to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean, Sam lures Crowley to an abandoned warehouse and shoots him with a devil's trap bullet. He then places a hex bag in Crowley's coat and watches as he starts to feel the effects of the Defigere et Depurgare spell. After brief monologues from both sides, Crowley is eventually able to remove the bullet, destroy the hex bag, and strike back against Sam.

12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)

While plotting how to kill their demon target, Dean states that he'll shoot him with a devil's trap bullet. Later, Dean is seen loading his gun with a clip of devil's trap bullets. When Ramiel arrives, Dean shoots him multiple times, but they, along with Ruby's knife, have no effect on him.

14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land

At the Bunker, a hunter shows devil's trap bullets off to Mary Winchester alongside several other types of specialty bullets created by Sam's new hunter network to fight the monsters of the world.

Sam fires a devil's trap bullet at Lilith.

Sam tells Mary and Bobby to arm up on devil's trap bullets, holy water, and angel blades for the upcoming demon fight. During the battle with Kipling and his demons, both Mary and Bobby shoot at the demons with devil's trap bullets. Though Mary misses, Bobby is able to take down one demon with the bullets before he is overpowered, leaving the demon out of commission for the rest of the fight.

15.05 Proverbs 17:3

After being able to catch up to Dean and Lilith at the motel, Sam enters their room and shoots Lilith between the eyes with a devil's trap bullet, leaving Lilith confused as to why she is unable to move. The bullet's effects are temporary, though, as Lilith uses her power to cause a minor earthquake and force the bullet from her skull before Sam and Dean can flee in the Impala.

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