Derek Swan

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Name Derek Swan
Actor Nathaniel Arcand
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by angels)
Location Bismark, North Dakota
Occupation Dreamwalker
Episode(s) 13.09 The Bad Place


Derek Swan was a Native American dreamwalker from a family of medicine men that could be traced back to the shaman Black Elk. A member of the Oglala Sioux, Derek was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota/Nebraska before relocating to Bismark, North Dakota, where he would meet his wife Paula.

A dreamwalker, Derek used his ability to see other worlds for inspiration in his art, preferring to call what he painted "reportage" of the various worlds he saw.


Painting of Apocalypse World by Derek Swan.

13.09 The Bad Place

Derek and his wife Paula are kissing when Paula is distracted by one of Derek's paintings of a cloaked figure with glowing red eyes. Realizing she has to go to work, she asks Derek about his new buyer. He tells her he was emailed the other day but doesn't expect the client to actually buy anything. Just then the door buzzes; Paula answers it and Derek greets Jack. As Paula leaves, Derek shows off some of his work, telling Jack he works in different types of formats, whatever suits his subject. Jack quickly steers the conversation from painting to Derek's dreamwalking ability. Derek attempts to brush off the questioning, telling Jack they are just stories to help sell paintings. Jack asks Derek to dreamwalk for him, and when Derek refuses, Jack offers him money. Realizing he needs the money to pay his rent, he asks Jack where he wants to go. Jack points to one of Derek's paintings, a landscape depicting Apocalypse World.

Having set up everything for the ritual. Derek takes a seat, placing his bare feet in a small pool of water. He soon reports to Jack that he is in Apocalypse World, telling him it's not one of his favorite places. Jack encourages him to keep going. Derek arrives at a structure, a dilapidated church, but he begins losing his hold on the world, telling Jack he isn't strong enough. In desperation, Jack places his hands on Derek's head, and as Jack's energy begins to flow into Derek Jack is able to see what Derek sees, and finds Mary Winchester still alive. However, the dreamwalking begins hurting Derek and the water at his feet begins to boil as he screams in pain. Jack stops and apologizes. Derek tells Jack that he isn't strong enough, but that he knows a dreamwalker that is, and gives Jack Kaia Nieves' name to seek out.

Some time after Jack leaves, Derek is confronted by a pair of angels looking for Jack. Derek initially refuses to tell them anything useful, but after they torture him, he eventually breaks and is killed to cover their tracks. Later that night, as Derek's wife returns to his studio, she discovers Derek's dead body, his eyes burned out, to her horror.