Deputy Kathleen Hudak

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Name Kathleen Hudak
Actor Jessica Steen
Location Hibbing, Minnesota
Occupation Deputy Sheriff
Episode(s) 1.15 The Benders


Kathleen Hudak is a deputy sheriff in Hibbing, Minnesota. Three years ago her brother Riley, who drove a ten-year-old black Mustang, disappeared. Empathizing with Dean, she helps him search for Sam, even after discovering he is not a police officer as he claimed.


1.15 The Benders

After Sam mysteriously disappears, Dean impersonates a police officer and seeks Deputy Hudak's help in finding Sam. After Dean pleads with her, she allows him to join her while she accesses traffic cam footage at the County Works Department, while reviewing printouts of the traffic cam footage, Deputy Hudak surmises that who ever was driving a rusty pick-up truck must be involved in kidnapping. While trying to track down the truck, Deputy Hudak discovers that Dean is impersonating a police officer, and tells him she is going to have to take him in... after they find Sam.

When they arrive at the Benders' property, Hudak cuffs Dean to the police car, but is captured when she confronts Missy Bender. She and Sam escape as Lee Bender is about to kill them. When Pa Bender and Jared Bender go to the barn to see what happened to Lee, Deputy Hudak is able to get the drop on Jared and falls on top of his back. She wraps her arms around his neck and wrestles with him, before being knocked to the ground. Just as Jared is about to shoot Deputy Hudak, Sam distracts Jared who fires the gun at Sam, but misses, accidentally hitting Pa. With the Benders taken care of, Deputy Hudak tells Sam to go check on Dean while she keeps an eye on Pa. Now alone, Pa threatens Deputy Hudak, who then tells him that he killed her brother, and wants to know why. With a cackle Pa tells her, "Because it’s fun." Horrified, Deputy Hudak shoots and kills him.

She advises Sam and Dean to leave before the state police and FBI arrive. When Dean says he is sorry about her brother's death she tells them, "It was really hard not knowing what happened to him. I thought it would be easier once I knew the truth—but it isn’t really."