Dennis Adams

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Name Dennis Adams
Actor Mar Andersons
Location Tulsa, Oklahoma
Occupation Bus driver for Tulsa Transit
Prophet (future)
Episode(s) 8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin


Dennis Adams is a bus driver from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has wife and two children. He is also a future Prophet. He was abducted by Crowley in November 2012.


8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin

Dennis and 6 other future prophets have been kidnapped and taken to an abandoned factory by Crowley in the hopes of getting them to translate the demon tablet. When Crowley tries to goad them into translating the tablet, Dennis gets fed up and stands up, complaining that he can't miss work, and that he has a family. He then demands a phone call, insisting that he has rights. Crowley responds by raising his hand and twisting it, causing Dennis' body to contort in pain before he throws up blood onto the table.

When the prophets are unable to translate the tablet, Crowley turns his attention to Kevin Tran who he kidnaps and forces to read the tablet. Eventually, Sam, Dean, and Castiel locate Crowley and free the prophets, including Dennis. The prophets are then picked up by the police and returned to their homes.