Delilah Marian

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Name Delilah Marian
Actor Ali Milner
Location Spencer, Iowa
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 10.13 Halt & Catch Fire


Delilah Marian is a student at Kasem College, and was involved in the car crash that killed Andrew Silver.


10.13 Halt & Catch Fire

After an all-nighter study session at the library, Delilah returns to her dorm room to find her roommate, Julie, dead by strangulation with a computer power cord.

Sam and Dean happen to be in town investigating another strange death of another college student named Billy Bass and they believe the murders to be connected. They interview Delilah and ask whether Julie knew Billy. Delilah answers that everyone knew Billy, he was the president of the biggest frat club on campus. Dean asks is she knew of anyone who would want to hurt Julie. Delilah insists that Julie was sweet and popular, and that she couldn't see anyone wanting to hurt her. Dean suspects that Delilah is withholding information, and warns her that lying to the "FBI" is illegal. Delilah tells him she's not lying, she just has nothing more to say.

Worried, Delilah goes to speak to Kyle, another college student who was involved in the car accident that killed Andrew Silver 9 months previous. She suggests that—since everyone involved in the car accident seems to be getting murdered slowly—maybe they should come clean and tell the cops everything, but Kyle dissuades her from this, threatening her.

Shortly after Delilah goes back to her dorm room, Sam and Dean appear and she finds out Kyle is now dead too. This leaves only her remaining from those who were involved in the accident. She confesses what happened that night to Sam and Dean, and they get to work on trying to save her life whilst explaining to her that Andrew Silver's ghost is hunting her down for revenge. Dean stays with her and places her in a salt circle whilst Sam rushes off to the scene of the accident to look for clues.

As they wait, Delilah confides in Dean that she pulls all-nighters to study a lot to fend off the nightmares from the accident. Dean advises her to ask for forgiveness in order to forgive herself.

Sam calls and tells Dean he believes Andrew is travelling through Wi-Fi and tells him to turn off all the routers. Since Delilah doesn't know where the Wi-Fi routers are in her sorority house, she watches in horror as Dean begins smashing all the devices with possible Wi-Fi connection with an iron crowbar. Dean suggests they go somewhere that doesn't have Wi-Fi reception and Delilah leads him to the basement. Unfortunately, someone had left their cell phone in the basement and it begins to ring. Andrew's ghost appears and Delilah begins begging for her life, apologising profusely. Andrew ignores her pleas, hands around her throat to choke her. Dean hits him with the iron crowbar and is flung across the room. Delilah and Dean try to escape through the door only to find it locked. Dean tries to give Andrew a talk about choosing peace, but Andrew reappears and begins choking Dean. At that moment, Delilah holds up a phone which Sam has videocalled for Corey Silver to talk to her husband. She manages to persuade him to give up his revenge mission and move on.

The next day, Sam and Dean give Delilah a ride to Corey's house. Delilah goes there to apologise and ask for Corey's forgiveness.