Deity Death List

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1.11 Scarecrow

Norse god of fertility, wisdom and nature.
Dean discovers it can be killed by burning down its sacred tree. Sam douses the tree in gasoline and then Emily sets it on fire.

3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

Madge and Edward Carrigan
Teutonic gods of Winter Solstice.
Sam stabs Mrs. Carrigan and Dean stabs Mr. Carrigan with evergreen stakes cut from the Carrigan’s Christmas tree.

5.05 Fallen Idols

Slavic god of the forest.
Sam cuts her head off with an iron ax while the god is in the form of Paris Hilton.

5.19 Hammer of the Gods

Norse god of love, peace and forgiveness.
Lucifer uses his right arm to skewer Baldur in the chest.

Baron Samedi
Haitian voodoo loa of the dead.
Lucifer grabs Baron’s fist and telekinetically crushes him.

Hindu god of intellect and wisdom.
Lucifer telekinetically explodes him.

Egyptian goddess of health, marriage and wisdom.
Lucifer kills her, off screen.

Roman god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, messages/communication, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves.
Lucifer telekinetically breaks his neck.

Norse god of war and wisdom.
Lucifer telekinetically throws him to the ground and steps on his neck, breaking it.

Zao Shen
Chinese god of the kitchen.
Lucifer kills him, off screen.

2 unnamed gods
Lucifer kills them, off screen.

6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth

Roman goddess of truth.
Sam stabs her with a knife coated in dog’s blood.

7.12 Time After Time

Greek god of time.
Sam stabs him in the heart with a 1,000 year old olive branch "carved by Vestal Virgins and dipped in the blood of... you don't want to know."

8.02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

Greek god of wealth, the son of the goddess Demeter.
His assistant, Beau, stabs him with a stake while secretly working for Crowley.

Mr. Vili
Norse god and brother to Odin.
Sam hits him with Thor's hammer, Mjölnir.

8.16 Remember the Titans

Greek Titan who stole fire from Mt. Olympus for the benefit of humanity.
Artemis shoots Prometheus and then Prometheus shoves the arrow through his own body into Zeus, killing himself and Zeus.

Greek god of sky and thunder.
Artemis shoots Prometheus and then Prometheus shoves the arrow through his own body into Zeus, killing himself and Zeus.

9.08 Rock and a Hard Place

Roman goddess of the hearth.
Sheriff Jody Mills stabs her with a piece of oak stained in virgin blood.

10.05 Fan Fiction

Greek goddess of epic poetry.
Sam stabs her with a blessed wooden stake.

12.18 The Memory Remains

Canaanite god of sacrifice.
Sam shots him in the heart with the Colt.