Dave Mather

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Name Dave Mather
Actor Jonathan Cherry
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Sgt. Joe Phillips)
Location Dodge City, Kansas
Occupation Ghoul
Episode(s) 13.06 Tombstone


"Dave Mather" was a ghoul in Dodge City, Kansas, who was in a relationship with mortician Athena Lopez. The ghoul took the appearance of Old West gunfighter "Mysterious Dave" Mather, a favorite face of his, so much so that he claimed to have kept pieces of Dave Mather's corpse to gnaw on.


13.06 Tombstone

While looking over traffic camera footage from before the death of Deputy Phillips, Jack spots a man driving down the road in the footage. Looking over it, Dean excitedly identifies the man as Old West outlaw Dave Mather.

Meanwhile, Dave surprises his girlfriend, Athena Lopez, at her funeral home. When Athena opens a letter accepting her into a make-up program in Los Angeles, Dave tries to dissuade her from going, citing the expense and not wanting to mess up the good thing they already have. An annoyed Athena decides to go back to work before telling Dave of the two FBI agents that visited her earlier.

Later that day, Dave decides to rob a local credit union. Upon leaving, he is confronted by Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Jack in the parking lot. A gun fight ensues where Dave shoots Jack in the chest to no effect. A security guard sneaks up behind Dave just as Jack throws a blast of energy, sending them both flying backward. The guard crashes into a post but Dave rolls and gets up to run away with Dean in pursuit.

Having evaded Dean, an injured Dave returns to the funeral home where Athena gets Dave to reveal that he has been robbing the graves to pay for the gifts he has given Athena, and that he has robbed the bank in order to get enough money for them both to move to Los Angeles. Upon learning that Dave also killed the sheriff's deputy, Athena becomes disgusted and tells Dave she doesn't want anything to do with him any more. As a short struggle begins, Dave is distracted by headlights shining through the window and restrains Athena in the morgue while he checks it out.

In the cemetery, Dave begins toying with Dean and Sgt. Joe Phillips, dragging Sarge underground into one of his tunnels and taking him to the morgue where he renders him unconscious. As Dean pursues and makes his way to the morgue, Dave is able to get the drop on him. While talking with Dean, Dave does not notice Dean slipping Sarge his shotgun, and before he realizes what has happened, he has his head blown clean off.