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Name Darla
Actor April Telek
Location Sunrise, Wyoming
Occupation Sex worker
Episode(s) 6.18 Frontierland


Darla was a sex worker in Slick Jim's saloon in Sunrise, Wyoming in the 1860s.


6.18 Frontierland

When Sam and Dean Winchester come to Slick Jim's saloon in search of Samuel Colt, they meet Darla who Mr. Elkins - the owner of the saloon - refers to as his "best girl". She approaches Dean flirtatiously and offers him a kiss which he physically rejects on account of the visible sore on her lip.

Suddenly, Judge Mortimer appears and reminds Darla that they have a date. Darla reluctantly leads the judge to her room. As they're getting intimate, Elias Finch appears. Darla's screams alert Sam and Dean and they rush to the rescue. However, Elias has already incinerated Judge Mortimer who is now nothing more than a smoldering skeleton.

Afterwards, a traumatised Darla tells the Sheriff that what she saw was the ghost of Elias Finch. The Sheriff is doubtful of this, given that Elias had left footprints leading out of the room. Convinced that Elias Finch had simply survived his earlier hanging, the Sheriff invites Sam and Dean to hunt him down.