Dark Kaia

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BP Kaia Nieves.png
Name Kaia Nieves
Actor Yadira Guevara-Prip
Location Omaha, Nebraska
Occupation Dreamwalker
Episode(s) 13.09 The Bad Place
13.10 Wayward Sisters
14.03 The Scar
14.09 The Spear

What I was to her, she was to me. You can never understand.

– Dark Kaia, 14.03 The Scar


A doppelgänger version of Kaia Nieves from the Bad Place, who like her counterpart is a dreamwalker. She appears to be highly adept at using her main weapon: a long spear made of bone and stone. Kaia and Dark Kaia's powers kept them connected their whole lives -- each one saw what the other experienced in their world.


13.09 The Bad Place

Kaia Nieves' doppelgänger appears as a cloaked figure stalking through the Bad Place whenever Kaia is taken to it. When Jack and Kaia join their powers to try and open a rift to escape the attacking angels, Kaia begins losing her hold on Apocalypse World, going back to the Bad Place where the cloaked figure begins advancing on Kaia until Kaia and Jack let out a blast of energy, destroying the angels and sending Sam and Dean to the Bad Place.

13.10 Wayward Sisters

While Sam and Dean are trapped in the Bad Place, the hooded figure is seen following them. Later, the figure catches up to Sam and Dean and knocks them out with a spear. When they wake up, they are tied to tree trunks. The hooded figure returns and bangs a nearby giant monster skull with the spear, attracting the attention of the Kaiju.

When Claire and Kaia find and free Sam and Dean they take them to the nearby rift. Soon, the hooded figure catches up and throws the spear at Claire, but she is pushed out of the way by Kaia who takes the hit and dies. Claire tries to go after the figure, but Sam and Dean drag her back through the rift before the Kaiju arrives.

Later at a park in Sioux Falls, another rift opens and the cloaked figure passes through and removes the hood, revealing Kaia's face.

14.03 The Scar

After learning that Dark Kaia had a confrontation with Michael, in which he was injured by her spear, Sam and Dean head to Sioux Falls to join up with Sheriff Jody Mills, who has found decapitated corpses with scars similar to the one that Dean has. Searching the woods, they come across Dark Kaia's campsite, surrounded by the piked heads of vampires she has killed.

Dean is checking the fire when he is attacked by Kaia. Her hood comes off in the ensuing fight, revealing herself to the group, and she escapes into the woods. Kaia finds a cabin and is having a drink and some food when she is caught off guard by Dean. who knocks her out with the butt of his rifle. After Kaia is tied to a chair, Jody questions why she killed their Kaia. Dark Kaia tells her it was an accident and she meant to kill Claire. She goes on to reveal that Michael has been sending monsters after her for her spear. After telling Dean how scared and weak he is, she recounts her confrontation with Michael, and relates how he attempted to recruit her, but when she refused he attacked and she was able to injure him with her spear.

When a trio of vampires tracks Kaia to the cabin, she is kicked free by Dean during the fight, and jumps out a window. As the vampires are gaining the upper hand, Kaia suddenly returns with her spear and dispatches each vampire brutally and efficiently. Sam points out that as long as she has the spear, she will be a target for Michael and his monsters, which she claims to be used to before leaving.

14.09 The Spear

Learning from Garth that Dark Kaia is in Omaha, Nebraska, Dean and Castiel track her to a recycling plant. Finding that the food is still warm, Dean is ambushed by Dark Kaia with her spear. When she tells them she has no intention of letting them take her spear, Dean tells her she should just kill him then, as without the spear they have no hope of stopping Michael, who will kill thousands. Kaia relaxes her spear off of Dean, and when asked what she wants out of the trade, she tells them she wants Jack to help her go back to her home as with Michael's monsters constantly hunting her, their world is ultimately no different than hers, but with her home she at least knows her place in it. Dean agrees and is given the spear.