Daniel Singer

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Name Daniel Singer
Actor Thomas Nicholson
Location Apocalypse World
Occupation Hunter
Nightmare Creature
Episode(s) 14.05 Nightmare Logic


Daniel Singer was the son of Bobby and Karen Singer in Apocalypse World. Like her counterpart, Karen Singer was killed in a supernatural manner, which sent Bobby and Daniel on the road to becoming hunters. When the Apocalypse occurred, Daniel joined his father as part of a platoon of human fighters during the Angel War, where Daniel would die after becoming separated from his father and taken by the angels. His body was never recovered.


14.05 Nightmare Logic

The djinn, Neil, uses his enhanced abilities from Michael to manifest a nightmarish version of Daniel to attack Bobby. With burned-out eyes reminiscent of an angel smiting, the nightmare version of Daniel surprises Bobby and pins him to a tree with an angel blade, taunting him with the way he says the angels slowly killed him. When Mary tries to stop Daniel by firing shots into its chest, Daniel is unaffected and proceeds to overpower Mary and begin choking her. Bobby is able to muster enough energy to pull the angel blade from his shoulder and unpin himself from the tree and knock Daniel off of Mary, telling him he is "sorry" before driving the angel blade into Daniel's chest and causing him to explode into dust.