Daniel (Reaper)

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Daniel is a reaper who takes the form of a man in a suit. Daniel appears in the novel Supernatural: Carved in Flesh.


Supernatural: Carved in Flesh

When he was searching for the immortal Conrad Dippel in Brennan, Ohio, Daniel became aware that Sam Winchester could see him after Sam had been bitten by Dippel's creation, "Frankenmutt," an amalgamation of various dogs. Seeking to make contact with the Winchesters to explain the situation, Daniel attempted to make contact by killing a salamander that Dippel had sent after the brothers, but this resulted in him being captured by Dippel and trapped in a gem that allowed Dippel to use Daniel's power.

Although Dippel was able to use Daniel's power to resurrect his goddess, Hel, in a new body, Dean was able to shatter the gem that had trapped Daniel during the fight. As Sam passed into the netherworld, Daniel appeared to him, healing his injury and sending him back to life, although he stressed to Sam that this was only possible due to the unnatural nature of the injury that had been killing him, noting that Sam should avoid dying in future.