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Name Cutty
Actor Danny Dworkis
Dates  ???? – 2020 (killed by Garth)
Location Belgrade, Minnesota
Occupation Shapeshifter
Episode(s) 15.10 The Heroes' Journey


Cutty was a shapeshifter who ran a monster fight club out of an abandoned factory in Belgrade, Minnestoa that streamed on the dark web. Cutty appears as an unassuming man, telling Dean he doesn't let his abilities define him. Cutty also saw himself as a sportsman, and believed that man and monster were at their best and most pure in the heat of competition.


15.10 The Heroes' Journey

When Sam and Dean get caught in Cutty's fight arena, he enlightens them on his philosophy on competition, telling Sam and Dean that while he can kill them, he'd rather see what the Winchesters were capable of in a stripped down fight. He then introduces them to their opponent, Maul -- a rather large vampire and has him take them to their "rooms" to wait for their fight later that night.

When the time for their fight comes, Cutty demands the Winchesters remove their shirts. But is dismayed to find that they have escaped from their confinement. Unbeknownst to Cutty, Garth had snuck into the arena and placed C4 explosives all over the building. Once he and the Winchesters were safe, Garth detonated the explosives, killing Cutty and all the monsters in the building.