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Misha, Mark, Jim, Jared, Jensen, Ben, and Jeremy Carver at Comic Con 2012
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Comic Con 2012 was held from July 12-15 in San Diego.


  • There was a signing session on Sunday for Supernatural.

  • Ben Edlund was also featured in his own panel on Saturday, July 14 2:30-3:30 in Room 8:
Spotlight on Ben Edlund— Comic-Con special guest Ben Edlund (creator of The Tick, writer/producer, Firefly, Angel, Point Pleasant, Supernatural) tries to understand what he's been up to for the last four decades, with clips of some of the lively absurdities in which he's had a hand. Spend an hour in this hot bath of mind and then write home about it! Moderated by Ben Blacker

  • Eric Kripke appeared on the panel for his new series Revolution on Saturday 14th July along with actors Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, Tracy Spiridakos and director/co-executive producer Jon Favreau in Room 6BCF.

  • Actor and uber geek Zach Levi was again running Nerd HQ. This was separate to Comic Con, taking place in San Diego's Gas Lamp district. Nerd HQ features panels on technology and gaming and panels by many of the geeky stars in town for Comic Con. All the proceeds from the panels go to the charity Operation Smile. Like last year, Jared appeared again this year. All the panels were free to watch via livestream.
    • Jared's "Conversation for a cause" was at 3pm on Sunday source. Panel was livestreamed from Break media on Ustream.

  • BMI presented “The Character of Music” panel Thursday 12th 6:00-7:00 PM Room 5AB. featuring Supernatural score composer Christopher Lennertz along with Joseph Trapanese and Nathan Johnson to discuss the importance of music in film and TV alongside their executive producer counterparts Supernatural's Todd Aronauer Andrew Kreisberg, Charlie Bean, and Rian Johnson.. Panelists discussed their working relationships, how music plays a character in their stories and the intense process of scoring their projects.

  • There was a WB/CW Extras Stage at Comic Con. Among the activities was:
    • An outdoor screening of Friday the 13th with Jared on Friday, July 13, 8:30 p.m.
    • IGN’s Channel Surfing TV podcast host Eric Goldman did a Q&A with Misha, Jim and Mark Sheppard on Saturday 14th from 1pm - 2pm.

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The Character of Music Panel

Ben Edlund Panel

Supernatural panel

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Supernatural Press Room

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Jared's panel at Nerd HQ

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